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  • The profound reasons for dynamism in art were left untouched by them.

How To Use Dynamism In A Sentence?

  • There is no dynamism because there is no suggestion of the inherent force which all substance involves.
  • Behind the emotional power of nature there is a great abstract force; and the effect of dynamism can be got only when this force is expressed.
  • Occasionally, of course, there is an obvious symbolism in the lines as in the charging angles which represent the dynamism of a motor car.
  • In studying the variations and qualifications of linear directions in his model, he discovered another method of accentuating the feeling of dynamism in his canvases.

Definition of Dynamism

(philosophy, metaphysics) Any of several philosophical theories that attempt to explain the universe by an immanent force. | Great energy, drive, force, or power; vigor of body, mind or personality; oomph or pizzazz | Dynamic reality; active energy; continuous change, progress, or activity.
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