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  • What is one cause of dysentery and cholera morbus?
  • Nearly died of dysentery in Yunnan city.
  • Typhoid an' dysentery got a good hold by the end o' June.
  • It seems to effect a cure in dysentery in the same manner as ipecac.
  • By this time dysentery and enteric had taken toll of more men than bullets.
  • There is a good deal of dysentery about, and acute rheumatism.
  • Considerable dysentery among the men, and many reported unfit for duty.
  • Another had been chained to an Indian, and had dysentery while so chained.
  • In Mauritius the juice is used to treat dysentery and hepatitis.
  • In Diarrhoea or Dysentery the patient should take but little exercise.
  • And no more epidemics of typhoid and dysentery either," said Tom.

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  • In its effect on dysentery as well as in its emetic effect it resembles ipecacuanha.
  • Men dying from dysentery and enteric lingered to see it, but the surrender never materialized.
  • At Shatt, Pain began to suffer from dysentery and fever, brought on by over-fatigue and bad water.
  • According to the same author a dose in the treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery is 4 grams twice a day.
  • The seed of the fruit is astringent and is given internally as an infusion in dysentery and chronic diarrhoea.
  • It is a substitute for ipecac even in the treatment of dysentery in which case the decoction of the trunk bark is also used.
  • Is it not under circumstances precisely similar, that cholera and dysentery prove most fatal to human beings?
  • These leaves with galls are astringent and very useful and effective in dysentery and diarrhoea, especially that of children.
  • So too, dysentery and constipation, which are both the outcome of indigestion, are cured by this method.
  • If the trunk is incised, an astringent gum exudes and this they use in diarrhoea, dysentery and menorrhagia.
  • Sometimes the patient is costive, and has been so for several days, the dysentery coming on without being preceded by looseness.
  • Diarrhoea and dysentery were prevalent throughout all the troops on the Peninsula, and we suffered with the rest.
  • I therefore stated that we had been attacked by dysentery about six weeks before, and all had died except myself, who was supercargo of the brig.
  • There is a peculiar kind of dysentery which does not seem to affect a whole colony, but confines its ravages to a small number of the bees.
  • The reason of the rumour was that Corvisart had been sent for to Vienna, as there had been an outbreak of dysentery among the troops.
  • If such a bee is dissected it will be found to exhibit the unmistakable evidence that a peculiar kind of dysentery has already fastened upon its system.
  • They knew what fever and dysentery are in the camp, and what skill is needed by those who have to treat the diseases more fatal than the conflicts of the battlefield.
  • J. Waring in chronic dysentery and the diarrhoeas of tropical countries: Dried peel of mangosteen 60 grams.
  • He considers it a good substitute for ipecac, not only as an emetic, but as a remedy in asthma, dysentery and catarrhal affections; Drs.
  • Fever, rheumatism, throat and lung diseases and despair now came to complete the work begun by scurvy, dysentery and gangrene, in Andersonville.
  • They would drink nothing but impure water, which in a country where the changes in temperature are so great and so sudden as they are here, would most certainly bring on dysentery in a very short time.
  • Many, too, ate raw turnips from sheer destitution, and these also caused swelling of the stomach as well as a dysentery almost always fatal in a few days.
  • I have very great regret in announcing the death from dysentery of Lieutenant Morgan, of the Royal Engineers.

Definition of Dysentery

(pathology) A disease characterised by inflammation of the intestines, especially the colon (large intestine), accompanied by pus (white blood cells) in the feces, fever, pain in the abdomen, high volume of diarrhea, and possible blood in the feces. | Diarrhoea
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