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  • Each night for him to see.
  • Apply each night for two weeks.
  • Each night he has it made under his own supervision.
  • We counted each day and each night as it passed.
  • They camped each night under trees centuries old.
  • And harpers lulled us each night to rest.
  • Be in bed 10-1/2 to 10 hours each night.
  • After this Peter, was chained each night to a chair.
  • Each night Adam Craig sent for his guest.
  • Each night I wash my couch with tears; O Lord!
  • He entered each night through the window and departed the same way.
  • Polly had a slight cold then and it kept getting worse each night.
  • Now we sit in the tunnel for three hours each night and we study.
  • During the four nights they feasted this man used to disappear each night.
  • Each night make out a little card of what is to be done next day.
  • Instead he went each night, invincible in his determination not to be outdone.
  • The parents also scrupulously cleaned the old box each night.
  • Hrimfaxi he is called, that each night draws forth over the beneficent powers.
  • Each night he boiled pieces of his moccasins in a cup, and ate them.
  • Each night they danced the bison dance and tried to make the bison come.
  • Here we stayed for a week, with half of each battalion digging each night.
  • Little did she reck that thus Adiva had anointed the member each night.
  • Each night he tossed, sleepless, till the light stole in through the shutters.
  • Each night I'd stayed on till about 6.
  • Each night Jane would meet the girls at a place agreed upon in advance.
  • All through November he came back each night and slept with Neewa.
  • Each night as I returned to my lodgings I felt more and more discouraged.
  • Each night, after dark, the little British garrison divided into three units.

How To Use Each Night In A Sentence?

  • It was his whim that the keys of the private office should be brought to him each night.
  • We tasted it in our tea; we shook it out of our kits when we unrolled them each night.
  • Each night it is smothered in ashes and is not set a-blazing again until the following evening.
  • She had worked a little longer each night for a month that the children might have the tree.
  • One of these lads sat up each night in the stable, while the others slept in the loft.
  • May it not agitate, upset him, to see himself as he stands ringing those bells each night?
  • Each night the work-animals, after being fed, were turned loose in the mountains.
  • And your prayer to God each night for twenty years for understanding and forgiveness!
  • Each night men and women gathered from near and far, to hear him talk, in his lodge.
  • Each night the travelers gazed upon it, ragged forms gilded by its radiance, awed and dumb.
  • Each night sun catches fish, but woman refuses it, and furnishes meat by cooking fish stick.
  • Each night, however, the cold heavy dews drew it down, cooling but never congealing it.
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