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  • Each person determines this for himself.
  • Allow 1 large potato for each person.
  • Then the man went to each person present.
  • Each person on hearing his name had to step forward.
  • Each person has one spirit which is known by this name.
  • The regulations allow each person 4 coupons a week.
  • Each person floats greased needle in basin of water.
  • Each person put in one stone to make a circle about it.
  • Each person may take thirty kilograms of baggage with him.
  • I bought five, one for each person in the carriage.
  • Enquire into the conduct and efficiency of each person employed.
  • Use a teaspoonful of tea for each person and one for the pot.
  • Each person must have on his person his identification card.
  • Then cut and toast for each person an oblong piece of bread.
  • Each person before embarking must have attended confession and communion.
  • And here again each person must use common sense and decide the matter herself.
  • It is estimated that on an average each person uses seven matches every day.
  • Indicate the speech of each person, and put in all necessary stage directions.
  • A female guide was procured, and a candle supplied to each person.
  • Each person, as was the custom, bowed before and after being spoken to.
  • Each person, as his name was called, had to walk up and be recognized.
  • Butter as many cups as eggs, reckoning 1 egg for each person.
  • Each person, each firm of glass-stainers, has his own methods and traditions.
  • The term "cover" signifies the place laid at table for each person.

How To Use Each Person In A Sentence?

  • These dishes were wheeled over the tables in little chariots before each person in turn.
  • The police and military were present in force and each person was allowed only one loaf.
  • Whereupon, each person was requested to rise from the table and act out his number.
  • At its ringing each person must rise and dress; he is not permitted to do so before it rings.
  • Each person melts some lead and pours it through a wedding-ring or key into a dish of water.
  • Here again police and soldiers kept order and permitted each person to take only one loaf.
  • One visiting card is left by each person who is present, to serve for the after call.
  • Snipes should be cut in half, unless you have enough to give a bird to each person.
  • Each person cut off a slice with a knife, and drew out his prize with his teeth.
  • Each person in turn stands a certain distance from the target and shoots at the red heart.
  • A note is sent to each person selected as sponsor asking him to assume that friendly office.
  • Each person is then assigned to construct one member of a tooth-pick wedding party properly.
  • The police and military were present in force, and each person was allowed only one loaf.
  • Each person who pays this tax is given a certain range and no one else is allowed to use it.
  • So that in this verse is shown our dependence on each person in the Trinity for all our good.
  • The tables were laden with gold and silver plate, and each person had a knife with a jeweled hilt.
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