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  • The spark of eagerness in her eyes was instantly curtained.
  • We need less eagerness and more vivacity and variety.
  • I asked, in eagerness to ascertain the truth.
  • The somber eagerness faded out of his; he sighed and rose.
  • His eagerness in this Tamiya affair was sharpened.
  • In eagerness I read their printed heading.
  • The eagerness of the admission convinced him that she was not.
  • She was ready to take fright at anything and his eagerness scared her.
  • But her rich tones were full of a genuine eagerness that belied the look.
  • He was smiling, but I was surprised at the eagerness of his tones.
  • The lithe eagerness went out of Nora's body instantly.
  • But his eagerness overbore everything; and took Titmouse quite by storm.
  • Then, trembling with her eagerness and dread, She cried, "Admetus!

How To Use Eagerness In A Sentence?

  • The whole army are looking forward with the greatest eagerness for the order to retire.
  • She had the eagerness of an exile to hear the old familiar names of places and personalities.
  • Some were pale, some flushed, and all watched with passionate eagerness the fall of the cards.
  • In her eagerness to convert Mrs Paterson to her views, she forgot to charge for the lettuce.
  • It is not to him that the overpowering din is owing, but to the agitated eagerness of the other nationalities.
  • Churchill had not long been his page, before the duke noticed his eagerness to be present on these occasions.
  • Wallie hung up the receiver, fairly trembling with eagerness to dress himself and get down on the veranda.
  • Caroline was all eagerness to see what there was to be seen of this entrancing house, even before the keys came.
  • While his jaws did not drip saliva, the thin nostrils of his bothersome nose quivered with eagerness and anger.
  • Constance noted these details, but passed them in her eagerness and pleasure that he should come at least to say good-by.
  • She felt an irrational hurry and eagerness to be gone, as if each minute's delay might be fatal.
  • It surprised him a little that he saw none of his own eagerness reflected in the varied expressions, also it relieved him somewhat.
  • The two animals tumbled over each other in their eagerness to get inside, and heard the door shut behind them with great joy and relief.
  • He bowed his head for answer, and then, as he looked up again his face was suffused with a sort of bright eagerness that touched me to the heart.
  • With eagerness sought Thorir to urge him on to make this journey, praising him and his prowess most exceedingly.
  • If Olivia hesitated, it was chiefly because of her own eagerness to talk of him, to sing his praises.
  • What established order at last was that King rolled up his sleeves and began, so that eagerness gave place to wonder.
  • My eagerness impeded me, and I did not conclude it to Clo's genuine satisfaction after all.
  • Hither and thither in the great world of London I went with my eyes ever open in eagerness to catch a glimpse of her.
  • This condition of eagerness to give the best, and of ignorance of how or where to find the best is the justification for the publication of this set of books.
  • Sometimes she had been a little ashamed of herself for the willingness with which she prepared to leave him, the eagerness with which she longed for the merry companionships and irresponsibilities of school again.
  • Indeed, it is a wonder that serious accidents have not occurred owing to the eagerness with which the maddened animals struggle and fight to get to the water.
  • I remembered then that in my eagerness to escape from the cave I had left the coat lying as I had used it, rolled up for a pillow.
  • Despite what must have been their burning eagerness to know how things stood, both of them were far too delicate-minded and well-bred to ask a question.
  • Much alarmed at the strange agitation in which the call was made, they at once administered to her wishes, and she drank some wine with a haste and eagerness which surprised them.
  • For an hour or two the men had studied with intense eagerness the bristling fortifications of the gap and the swarming foemen at the foot of and on the summit of the high walls of rock.
  • February has no intoxication; the vague eagerness that gives the air a pulse where fields lie voiceless comes from the secret stirring of imprisoned life.

Definition of Eagerness

The state or quality of being eager; ardent desire. | (obsolete) Tartness; sourness
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