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Definition of Earl

A British or Irish nobleman next in rank above a viscount and below a marquess; equivalent to a European count. A female using the style is termed a countess. | (entomology) Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genus Tanaecia. Other butterflies in this genus are called counts and viscounts.

How To Use Earl In A Sentence?

  • Kimberley, Earl of (Lord Wodehouse), 164, 165.
  • De Lacy, Hugh, Earl of Ulster, 6.
  • Augustus was nephew to the earl of Osselstone, and heir to his title.
  • Sir C. Wyke to Earl Russell, Nov. 25, 1861.
  • It is the Earl of Loudon's plan.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Earl | Earl Sentence

  • Clare, Earl of Gloucester.
  • He was created Earl of Godolphin in 1706.
  • William, Earl of Gloucester, 38.
  • John, Earl of Oxford, 56.
  • Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, 42.
  • Dedicated to Robert Earl of Essex.
  • Robert, Earl of Cornwall, 34, 37.
  • Sir John, Earl of Galtrim, 6.
  • Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, 41.
  • William de Mortain, Earl of Cornwall, 37.
  • Clare, Earl of (Col. Fitzgibbon), 164.
  • William Fitz Robert, Earl of Cornwall, 37.
  • Landing at the spot he ascertained that the earl was from home.

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