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  • One of the earliest attempts at an ornithopter.
  • I wanted to see you at the earliest opportunity.
  • At earliest streak of dawn we were marched away.
  • From the Earliest Time to the end of the MediƦval Period.
  • The earliest of these is the vast "Colegio Mayor" de Sta.
  • In the earliest telephone practice, all lines were grounded ones.
  • In those earliest days, you know, our engines used to have a lot of brasswork.
  • I have not set down the earliest lists of officers of the Utica road.
  • Among the earliest of his trials, this Scotchman took two monkeys as pupils.
  • The earliest structure of this class is, or rather was, at Barcelona.
  • The hours of her earliest days were there, in that Garden of the Past.
  • The earliest Commission I gave evidence before was one on Agriculture.
  • From his earliest boyhood he took people's hearts by storm, and kept them.

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  • But the peaks on every side are very beacons of the range at the earliest peep of dawn.
  • The element copper has been used for various purposes since the earliest days of history.
  • The king took the hand of his earliest friend, and pressed it tenderly to his heart.
  • The earliest of these Bibles do not state the place nor the year of publication.
  • Still my earliest memory is so characteristic of much that was to follow that I set it down.
  • This narrative is one of the earliest to contain a reproduction of the old Tagal alphabet.
  • Then we took the earliest morning train, and when we reached Southampton the message was there.
  • An incident connected with one of the earliest private carriages in Kerry is worth telling.
  • This homeliness, veracity, and plain style appear in the earliest extant works, and in the latest.
  • The two Vicars of Breage mentioned in this document are the earliest of whom we have any record.
  • But what he did know was that it behooved him to get away from that dangerous locality at the earliest possible moment.
  • Means of protecting lines and apparatus against damage by lightning are little more elaborate than in the earliest days of telegraph working.
  • Botany at first attracted him, and he was one of the earliest to use the microscope in determining the structure of fossil plants.
  • We pass then, at this stage, to consider the manufacture in its earliest form and the lines of its development.
  • The earliest outbursts on record took place in 1532 and 1533; and since then the eruptions have been both numerous and destructive.
  • At earliest dawn each of the two floors is covered with about a hundred and seventy-five prostrate forms of officers who have been trying to sleep.
  • In him he had lost his earliest friend; for his uncle he considered as an entire stranger, and of his parents he retained no recollection.
  • Thus, the system of necessity is based on a false psychology, on which it has too securely stood from the earliest times down to the present day.
  • Going back to my earliest poaching days I remember a cruel incident which had a very different ending to what its author intended.
  • Thou dost appear to-day as one of those earliest leaders, Who through deserts and wanderings guided the emigrant nations.
  • Even theology must fail without a knowledge of the original texts of the Sacred Writings and of their earliest expositors.
  • In his earliest childhood his mother had taught him to love truth and justice, to be honest and upright among men, and to honor God.
  • The earliest electric signal was an audible one, being the telegraph sounder, or the Morse register considered apart from its registering function.
  • This is about the earliest record of an encounter with this formidable creature; sailors now find that they can be attacked with most advantage in the water.
  • My business has to do with making money, and more particularly, at this moment, of catching sight of the German at the earliest possible moment.
  • Weaving and spinning had been to a large extent united in the industry in its earliest form, in that both were frequently conducted beneath the same roof.
  • The Faust Book of 1587, the earliest collection of these tales, is of prevailingly theological character.

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