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  • They were early for the service.
  • It was still too early for breakfast.
  • The sun set early for her.
  • Twinkle-tail was rather early for breakfast.
  • The spectators rise early for the sight.
  • Come early for tea and bring your violin.
  • She found she was much too early for the express train.
  • And this is a week too early for him, anyway.
  • It was still very early, for the sun had only just risen.
  • I was a day too early for the Courier.
  • It was so early for Toby to be going out.
  • Jemmy and Jackey went out early for the horses.
  • The problem of life was beginning early for Esther.
  • Unusually early for him, Buck passed out.
  • The Roman went to bed early for two special reasons.
  • Sir Lukin had gone to London early for further tidings.
  • At the Milan, Arnold found himself early for luncheon.
  • On Monday morning I started early for Newton.
  • Charley glanced at his watch and saw that they were early for the appointment.
  • But it's too early for winter closing.
  • It's much too early for the native ones.
  • It is never too early for him to start in acquiring his musical knowledge.
  • Frank had started early for a walk with one of his school friends.
  • Has he not served her late and early for the past six years?
  • The hour was still very early for nocturnal business to begin.
  • It is not five o'clock; it is too early for you to get up.
  • Ten minutes early for your lesson is better than two minutes late.
  • Yet it was still early, for the kitchen breakfast was had betimes.
  • The hour was as yet too early for the riverside workmen to begin work.
  • Too late for the spring round-up and too early for the fall harvest.
  • He always rose early, for the most part shortly after daybreak.
  • The first opera of the season, and pretty early for that, too!
  • It was too early for any thought of spring; the storms of autumn lay behind.
  • But we went to bed early, for on the previous night we had hardly slept at all.
  • I must begin early, for my misfortunes commenced almost at my birth.
  • He passes away early; for people in his state rarely live very long.

How To Use Early For In A Sentence?

  • It was still too early for lunch and they felt instinctively that it was a call to arms.
  • The next morning the three of us were off early for a look at the contested property.
  • The entertainment was much too early for a lady who never left her rooms till after noon.
  • Perhaps she wanted to run away; but it was either too late or too early for the proceeding.
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