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  • I was earnestly gazing into her great dark eyes.
  • To be earnestly dishonest one must be really poor.
  • He had never spoken so earnestly to Gray before.
  • My boy, I earnestly implore you to leave the country.
  • I looked long and earnestly into that endless procession of faces.
  • The two were talking earnestly as the horses stopped before the barn door.
  • How earnestly she schemed, and how little came of her scheming!
  • I am sure it may be recovered, if fairly and earnestly sought.
  • They expected much of him, and he earnestly tried to fulfil their hopes.
  • Williams still sat on the corral bars smoking and gazing earnestly at nothing.
  • It is this: Whatever we earnestly desire is apt to be worked out in our lives.
  • Fate was piling things up on poor Bowles, and he earnestly longed for the end.
  • Pathema prayed earnestly for the sufferer's recovery or release.
  • He put his hand on the young man's shoulder and looked earnestly at him.

How To Use Earnestly In A Sentence?

  • I must therefore the more earnestly urge on you their being strictly adhered to.
  • They earnestly solicit that men of every one of these descriptions should be sent to them.
  • Yet the so-called party of freedom prays earnestly that this fleet may be destroyed.
  • Every man should earnestly seek to cultivate this great quality as essential to noble character.
  • She received the morsel, ate it with much relish, and wished earnestly for more.
  • The old gentlemen rose from his seat, and coming close to me, looked at me earnestly in the face.
  • The Ambassador of the Workers stirred his tea earnestly through an uncomfortable pause.
  • Branling was leaning against it in a fit of uncontrollable mirth, and beckoned us earnestly to join him.
  • Nevertheless, right earnestly did he apply himself unto baptizing the people and ordaining the ministers of the church.
  • Both looked like lads in business earnestly looking for something they wanted, and determined to find it.
  • Hermann stopped before her, and gazed long and earnestly at her, as if he wished to convince himself of the terrible reality.
  • They had, no doubt, some connexion with the matter which the trio had so earnestly discussed in that tantalising foreign tongue.
  • The men were talking earnestly in low voices, but their outward seeming had no suggestion of anything beyond ordinary interest.
  • The teller, bending forward, gazed earnestly out of the small grated window over the heads of those nearest him.
  • The directions of bystanders, even when not uttered but merely formed earnestly in their mind, were obeyed in like manner.
  • And there was another man possessing a neighboring field, the which the saint earnestly entreated might be given unto the said church.
  • She walked up to the fire-place without regarding my uncle; who raised his nightcap with one hand, and stared earnestly at her.
  • They were naturally jubilant, and the sheriff urged Bert earnestly to come with them as the real hero of the roundup.
  • The skipper shaded his eyes with a hand, and gazed earnestly at a large ship on the weather beam, some four miles away.
  • A gentleman had been earnestly regarding a small and very beautiful painting of the Virgin and Child.
  • The Prince declared that on no account would he treat her so cruelly; but she begged him so earnestly to do as she asked that at last he consented.
  • Presently it was joined by another, and then by a third; and the birds, fidgeting restlessly on their bough, talked together earnestly and low.
  • The hands of a true genius, who has passed through life earnestly devoted to a single art, however, are on the whole like these of the gypsies.
  • He shaded his eyes with his hand, and looked earnestly at the object in question, which did indeed resemble a very dense, yet not a black, cloud.
  • Doubtless the "Otter" worked long and earnestly through that terrible night, and at dawn staggered from the ground under a heavy load.
  • Mr. Punch very earnestly begs his readers to send contributions in aid of this great and necessary work to the Hon.

Definition of Earnestly

In an earnest manner; being very sincere; putting forth genuine effort.
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