Earnestness In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Earnestness | Earnestness Sentence

  • His earnestness pleased her.
  • Her earnestness impresses him.
  • Her earnestness is tremendous.
  • He was frowning in deadly earnestness now.
  • His very earnestness impelled him to deceive.
  • She looked on his earnestness and smiled.
  • There was no manliness or earnestness in the man.
  • He understood the earnestness of the idealist.
  • There was an earnestness in her tone that was convincing.
  • In his earnestness he grew hysterical.
  • Another word for earnestness is enthusiasm.
  • Let this awaken earnestness and resolution in you.
  • But her very earnestness pleased him for all its oddity.
  • In all earnestness this is a pitiful business.
  • He clutched my arm with an earnestness to startle me.
  • The girl was impressed by the earnestness of his words.
  • He was a little startled by the earnestness of her words.
  • I saw them smiling at my earnestness and simplicity.
  • Her eyes were dark with earnestness as they sought his.
  • Her earnestness triggered that instant response from him.
  • Her earnestness left no room to misunderstand her.
  • Psmith peered with increased earnestness into the glass.
  • She urged with the vivid earnestness of twenty years.
  • The fierce earnestness of his answer satisfied even me.
  • No one could accuse him of lack of earnestness to-day.
  • Her own "true religious" earnestness was unabated.
  • He knew the earnestness of Kogiku.
  • Martin looked with great earnestness at Maggie.
  • I now prepared with earnestness for the work of the Lord.
  • Hazel in her earnestness gave Rose a little shake.
  • Her earnestness far surpassed that of Mrs. Rutherford.
  • He objected to this with all the earnestness of which he was master.
  • What was there about his simple earnestness that was so convincing?
  • There is no mistaking the earnestness of the morality which it enforces.
  • When we do so we catch something of the earnestness that inspired them.
  • She held out her hand with an earnestness as deep as his own.
  • And his betters had good cause for the earnestness of their talk.
  • In all he said there was the earnestness of deep personal feeling.
  • It is impossible to describe the simple earnestness of this speech.

How To Use Earnestness In A Sentence?

  • He had been startled by the earnestness with which she had combated his wishes.

Definition of Earnestness

The quality of being earnest; sincerity; seriousness.

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