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  • That's where the easiness of the thing comes in.
  • There's a sort of easiness that is better.
  • The easiness and cheapness, or the difficulty and expense of learning them.
  • You know the easiness of my nature, and that makes you work upon it so.

How To Use Easiness In A Sentence?

  • And everybody has been struck, as I have, by the extraordinary easiness of the performance.
  • As my after-dinner easiness abated, I regretted that it had induced me to come down.
  • You left a conquest more than half achieved, And for whose easiness I almost grieved.
  • He has dissipated the prejudice that had long connected gaiety with vice, and easiness of manners with laxity of principles.
  • Wisdom comprehends at once the end and the means, estimates easiness or difficulty, and is cautious or confident in due proportion.
  • But his household could not regard with any easiness a devotion of his lordship to the wine cup, which turned his court into a wine feast.
  • In Swift he discovered an inimitable vein of irony, and an easiness which all would hope and few would attain.
  • Her enemies said that my lady had tripped in the merry days of George the Second, and now made up for past easiness by present hardness.
  • But when he lay down in his bed a sense of easiness came over him and he felt as though all was ended; the lights went out, life stopped; everything slept.
  • He had a quick and fruitful invention, a deep penetration, and a large compass of thought, with singular dexterity and easiness in making his thoughts to be understood.

Definition of Easiness

The state or quality of being easy in its various senses, particularly:
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