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  • Hummel (1929:770) wrote that the Trionychidae originated in east Asia (the region of most differentiation) in humid climates.
  • The still greater richness of North-east Asia in arboreal vegetation may find explanation in the prevalence of particularly favourable conditions, both ante-glacial and recent.
  • The next two years witnessed the formation of the National Spiritual Assembly of Alaska and of the Regional National Spiritual Assembly of North East Asia.
  • For telegraphic communication from Germany to America we had to rely solely on the two German wireless stations at Sayville and Tuckerton, erected shortly before the outbreak of war, and we soon succeeded, subject to American censorship, in getting a regular Press-service, which was spread, not only over the whole of the United States, but was also passed on to South America and East Asia.
  • It is as if Nature, when she had enough species of a genus to go round the four floral regions (Europe, East Asia, West America, and East America), dealt them fairly one at least to each quarter of our zone; but when she had only two of some peculiar kind, gave one to us, and the other to Japan, Mantchuria, or the Himalayas; and when she had only one, divided it between the two partners on the opposite sides of the table.
  • 34 National Spiritual Assembly of North East Asia, with its seat in Tokyo, Japan.
  • [Cable of April 29, 1957] Shoghi Effendi's cable to the first Convention of North East Asia: Deeply appreciate message welcome dedication delegates tasks ahead fervently supplicating richest blessings.
  • Deepest love, Shoghi (April 29, 1957) TO NATIONAL SPIRITUAL ASSEMBLIES To the National Spiritual Assembly of North East Asia--1957

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  • Jesuit map of China and East Asia published by the Emperor Kang-hi.
  • To the National Spiritual Assembly of North East Asia--1957

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