Easter in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Easter

1. The legend of Easter eggs. 🔊

2. I set her myself during the Easter holidays. 🔊

3. I go to see it in its Easter glory. 🔊

4. When the brief Easter holiday came an odd thing happened. 🔊

5. It was near midsummer, for Easter had been late that year. 🔊

6. But Easter came at last, and then packing-up began. 🔊

7. The coming day is Easter Sunday. 🔊

8. This night, Easter night, the church looks less forbidding. 🔊

9. A diver from Easter Island got them for me inside a week. 🔊

10. It was Easter Sunday, a crisp spring morning. 🔊

11. So after Easter we went to San Gaudenzio. 🔊

12. In the New Forest the Easter hunting is unique. 🔊

13. On Easter Day I felt unusually depressed. 🔊

14. Currier told her about when she was home for her Easter vacation. 🔊

15. General's Easter box. 🔊

16. Again at Easter the dullness of the house without her had known no bounds. 🔊

17. Another year passed by; the festival of Easter was approaching. 🔊

18. It was on an Easter morning, and my mother had dressed me early. 🔊

19. Fred's Easter Monday. 🔊

How to use Easter in Sentences?

1. He said he should be down for a week at Easter and it would give him something to do. 🔊

2. If these people had known about our Easter they would not have felt so hopeless and sad. 🔊

3. When the Easter holidays came around they had laid out another charming campaign. 🔊

4. It was early in the Easter holidays, but already he was beginning to find his form. 🔊