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  • Body temperature in the eastern cottontail.
  • Harry reached the fair grounds on the eastern edge of town.
  • Durian, an eastern fruit, 14.
  • The Eastern Wonderland.
  • Their homes were in the Eastern Hemisphere.
  • European Influence Injurious to Eastern Art, 161.
  • The Eastern Hemisphere 74-75 III.
  • Home and seasonal ranges of the eastern cottontail in Connecticut.
  • His mother had hoped for an aristocratic and Eastern marriage.
  • Home ranges and movements of the eastern cottontail in Kansas.
  • These provinces may be classified under the heads of Eastern and Western.
  • Great quantities of coal and iron are mined in the Eastern Highlands.
  • He had gone to an Eastern school to prepare for an Eastern college.
  • Why, one asks in amazement, did England part with this Eastern Paradise?
  • The Eastern Hemisphere has a great mass of land called the Eastern Continent.

How To Use Eastern In A Sentence?

  • Allah has been a great subject of dispute among the eastern historians and jurists.
  • The ascent of the Bromo is negotiated from the eastern side to the lip of the gigantic crater.
  • There was another similar band of humans in the eastern part of the northern Continent.
  • With the view of cultivating the eye, Eastern works cannot be too carefully studied.
  • Careri mentions the case of a Dominican who paid five hundred dollars for the eastern passage.
  • They journeyed for the city of Besten, on the Eastern seaboard of the continent.
  • After the great variety of Eastern costume the dress of the Neapolitans looked rather tame.
  • One half is called the Eastern Hemisphere and the other half the Western Hemisphere.
  • At the eastern extremity is a new church, built from the designs of Henry Hakewill, Esq.
  • Two of these fell on the vizir as he was going out of the eastern gate of a mosk near his own house.
  • As a specimen of oriental exaggeration, we shall give the list of these treasures as they are enumerated by eastern writers.
  • The Eastern Continent is composed of three grand divisions, Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • The eastern one, on the western banks of which our tents were located on a beautiful little bay, is the prettiest of them all.
  • The Eastern Hemisphere also contains the Indian Ocean, which is not in the Western Hemisphere.
  • The flap of the tent was not lowered, and we could look from where we were lying on the Eastern hills and the stars above them.
  • The room already held the various contingents of Eastern officials of different nationalities who were to assist at the function.
  • Too early, Dawn, too early dost thou wake: Too early climbest up the Eastern hill: Too early!
  • A walk of four or five miles brought them to the edge of a wood, which at that time covered the greater part of the eastern side of the island.
  • We rowed leisurely along the eastern shore, and in a deep bay found excellent fishing, at the mouth of a cold mountain brook.
  • They would take these off to sell to you and haggle, like the veritable Eastern traders that they were, with you for the price.
  • It may yet be remembered by some how early the snow came that year, to the eastern portion of France at least.
  • There is a Great Central Plain which reaches from the Eastern Highlands to the Western Highlands.
  • His first duty was to gather a company, which he speedily effected in the Eastern region, where he was well known.
  • America was preparing, but had not yet arrived, and the chief result of the Russian revolution had been the collapse of the eastern front.
  • Her son had been born in the East, he had spent his holidays and vacations with his Eastern relatives.

Definition of Eastern

Of, facing, situated in, or related to the east. | (of a wind) Blowing from the east; easterly. | (loosely) Oriental.

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