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  • One easygoing housekeeper used to say that, in her opinion, there was a genius in slighting.
  • Here he showed a marked contrast to the easygoing methods of the occupier of Ladybird Fold.
  • In Islam the refined, easygoing Saracen gave place to the bigoted, brutal Turk.
  • He knew it would be useless, his father, when he made up his mind, having all the unbending tenacity of the normally easygoing man.
  • They were ignorant and easygoing men, for the most part, who thought a good deal more of their own amusement than of the needs of their flock, but they were not bad at heart.
  • Mr. Jackson was easygoing with his family, but occasionally his foot came down like a steam hammer, as witness the Wrykyn school-report affair.

Definition of Easygoing

(of a person) calm, relaxed, casual and informal | (of a journey or pace) unhurried
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