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How To Use Eat Up In A Sentence?

  • Her manicurist and her hairdresser will eat up as much as you pay for your board.
  • And now, what if he should tear them all down, and eat up all our food and fuel?
  • Only as much feed should be given at the regular feeding time as the ducks will eat up clean.
  • He concludes that, on the whole, this will eat up so much of his profits that he will not build.
  • Hirzel now appeared, announcing that he was ready to eat up all, his sister included.
  • And the ill favored and lean-fleshed kine did eat up the seven well favoured and fat kine.
  • They eat up the chicken food, and steal the oats and bran, and make holes in the meal bags.
  • The young Mo-los are greedy things and they eat up everything away from the other little birds.
  • Patronising the Pole and choosing a design would eat up an hour, Marise had calculated.
  • Then it began to eat up the margin, and when at last I got out I was very badly crippled.
  • The miller calls them 'Bee Martins,' and says that they eat up all the honey-bees.
  • After that she used to go out in the evenings into the city and eat up a stray human being here and there.
  • I told him to eat up the fifty cents he had in his pocket and to see me at noon of the following day.
  • Presently they would swim across to the shore and eat up everybody, as soon as they had landed and shaken themselves.
  • Place a flesh-eating race in antagonism with a race that lives on vegetables, and the former will eat up the latter.
  • When the Russians returned they had nothing to do but sit down and let the garrison eat up its supplies.
  • I do kill a turkey once in a while for myself, but la, how long do ye think it takes me to eat up a turkey?
  • This smarting disappointment produced a strong effect on the artist of the cartoons; and he began with shame to eat up his rosier illusions.
  • It might have been just natural meanness that caused this, since eight healthy young appetites would eat up all in his larder.
  • Wolnitzka gulped down one cup after another, eat up almost all the tea-cake, and never ceased an endless medley of chatter.
  • They eat up everything in the kitchen-garden, devour every leaf off my peach and orange trees, scarring and spoiling the fruit as well.
  • The Great Magician transformed himself into a hen to eat up the corn, but the youth was too quick for him.
  • Boris Lugan has sung the song of the versts that eat up one's courage as well as the leather of one's shoes.
  • Any way, they'd got no health to brag on, either of 'em, and they were just eat up with jealousy, the one of the other.
  • In other cases small parties succeed better than large ones; they excite less fear, do not eat up the country, and are less delayed by illness.
  • If it's his nater to eat up the vines I s'pose he must do it, but why in thunder must he smell bad enough to knock you over into the bargain?
  • That Tess and Arthur should eat up the candy which her own father paid for, made one more snarl in the whole inconsistent situation.
  • He shall eat up the nations his adversaries, And shall break their bones in pieces, And smite them through with his arrows.
  • The debenture holders were eating up the capital, and the ordinary shareholders were clamouring for a dividend, while the sea threatened to eat up the land.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eat Up | Eat Up Sentence

  • He will eat up a fortune in time.
  • I was almost eat up with the vapours before I saw you.
  • I think I could eat up the whole world now.
  • It would make them miserable for years and eat up what little money they have.
  • I do this that you may be burning hot, and eat up all the clouds in the sky.
  • They eat up all the profits of the merchant, and often subject him to loss.
  • Germany is the cancer that must be cut out, lest it eat up the world.
  • He's full of spiritual pride, all eat up with it.
  • They'll eat up all the woodwork in the stable, before they've done.
  • Who eat up twine and paper scraps And bark while they are taking naps.
  • De fire burn up de light 'ood tree, De bird eat up de berry.

Definition of Eat Up

(transitive, intransitive) To consume completely. | (transitive, figuratively) To cover (a distance or an amount). | (transitive, figuratively, informal) To accept or believe entirely, immediately, and without questioning.
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