Eats In A Sentence

How To Use Eats In A Sentence?

  • Avarice eats up everything, even ekonemy.
  • Whoever eats the last piece of bread will be an old maid.
  • The white man rises early and eats his breakfast.
  • Monkey eats all but one banana, then sleeps in the tree.
  • This thing preys upon my life, eats into my heart.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eats | Eats Sentence

  • One goes and eats it.
  • It crawls over them all and eats them up.
  • He eats before midday.
  • He eats the hides even.
  • When he eats in his stable stall.
  • Who eats without ceasing?
  • He eats up little boys!
  • He eats the fruit of his labour.
  • He that eats a crust has a creed.
  • She eats what is provided and is thankful for it.
  • He neither eats nor drinks.
  • He who eats should also work.
  • It eats some cultivated fruits.
  • He always eats with the boys.
  • He never eats chocolates.
  • How bright and lively he looks as he eats it!
  • There comes the owl and eats them as she go.
  • He eats all foods and specially dates.
  • She daily eats and drinks for two now.
  • He eats the salad to prepare himself for the cheese.
  • Whoever eats of it will never know fear.
  • One eats so often and so much in this country.
  • A sailor always eats when he has a chance.
  • Her kitten never eats more than it needs.
  • He eats little and talks less.
  • The world eats more cereals than any other kind of food.
  • A locust eats its own weight in grain a day.
  • She eats so much that she goes to sleep over her work.
  • My biter here, eats no such meat.
  • His wife eats the bit left and desires more.
  • She eats nothing, you say.
  • A hog eats snakes and likewise frogs.
  • No coast tribe eats human flesh.
  • She eats well and heartily, and is an athlete.
  • But in summer it eats flies and bits of raw meat.

Definition of Eats

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of eat | (slang) Food.
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