Eaves In A Sentence

Definition of Eaves

The underside of a roof that extends beyond the external walls of a building.

How To Use Eaves In A Sentence?

  • It was a very winding course which took him to the eaves of the building some distance off.
  • But even under the eaves there are pleasures and love and some very charming faces.
  • You may have seen in the winter-time an icicle forming under the eaves of a house.
  • The nests of barn swallows also have been found under the eaves of the ice-house.
  • A cottage with its low eaves and picturesque chimney stacks stood out against the murk.
  • The remnants of the tiles lay cracked upon the ground beneath the eaves just as they had fallen.
  • Its eaves sloped gently to the level floor where the river loitered in loops and curves.
  • Wider eaves were added at a slightly different pitch, softening the lines of the roof.
  • Dill, towering to the very eaves of the porch, gazed down solemnly upon the other.
  • Nest made of mud, lined with feathers; placed under the eaves of a freight house.
  • Long Dutch spouts extended out from the eaves to discharge the rain water into the street.
  • Down close to the eaves he saw a little, blue flame start and die, and start again and live.
  • High up under the eaves or in the roof itself were narrow slits that were called wind's-eyes.
  • Warts are cured by tying a knot in a string for every wart, and putting under the eaves of the house.
  • For a moment she fancied herself in her own little room under the eaves at the camp, but soon a realization of where she was came to her.
  • The smoke was followed by a vicious lash of flame that whipped up the side of the building and set the eaves alight.
  • The only special demand that chalk walls make is that the eaves shall be generously overhung for their better protection from the weather.
  • His eyes were taking in the wide proportions of the garden, the spreading roof and eaves of a stately mansion.
  • The courtyard shows carved timbers and in front the elaborate moulding beneath the eaves is supported by carved brackets.
  • There was no gutter for rain-water, and the drip from the eaves was caught on flagstones on the ground at the corners of the house.
  • Gutters also of tile ran along the eaves to conduct the water into cisterns, if it was needed for domestic purposes.
  • But already the cheeky sparrows were about, scandal-mongering beneath the eaves with an unholy disregard for the awe by which they were surrounded.
  • A few minutes later our driver pulled up at a neat little red-brick villa with overhanging eaves which stood by the road.
  • We went along the chalky path that led to the front of the house, and sat in the shelter of the eaves for an hour or more.
  • The special policeman of the group and its environs was a robin, who lived in a two-story nest under the eaves of the hay-barn.
  • His eyes looked out from under their bristly eaves like sleepy wild-cats from a pig-pen, and his physique was tremendous.
  • She placed the basket down under the shadow of the willow trees, and hung up a certain rod on certain nails under the eaves of the cabin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eaves | Eaves Sentence

  • Under eaves made dark with rain!
  • It pounces out from the eaves of quite modern attics.
  • From window-ledges and eaves hung ferns.
  • The closed door under the eaves opened readily.
  • The red lantern swung from the eaves of the veranda.
  • A small oil lamp swung from the eaves of the hut.
  • Under the Garret Eaves of the Ward Homestead.
  • Under the eaves the small room that was yours is yours still.
  • Before this, the eaves of the roof overlapped the side walls of the nave.
  • Mrs. Stuvic took the lantern down from under the eaves of the veranda.
  • The eaves projected far down, like sheltering, hospitable wings.
  • It had a pointed roof and projecting eaves made of Tambookie grass.
  • The eaves of the new house are (is) thirty-two feet above the ground. 8.

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