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  • Variation of eccentricity of orbit.
  • What eccentricity there is in the taste of this people!
  • What would be the measure of the eccentricity of its path?
  • The eccentricity of his verb indicated only the perfection of his tact.
  • Hence we must distinguish between mere eccentricity and monomania.
  • What is eccentricity but a loose joint, a flaw in the machinery?
  • But here was Mary to whom no eccentricity ever had to be elucidated.

How To Use Eccentricity In A Sentence?

  • The eccentricity that was to cover my ignorance should be defensive armour only.
  • Nor can one deny that there has been considerable eccentricity in his treatment of his son.
  • I surmised the cause of this eccentricity and was ultimately able to verify my conjectures.
  • There is an odd mixture of eccentricity and good sense in all the opinions of my worthy host.
  • The eccentricity of the speech pleased the attorney-general, who sent on the letter.
  • Nevertheless, occasional eccentricity has been forthcoming, if only to incur rebuke.
  • He may have deceived you entirely regarding his character, assuming eccentricity for some purpose.
  • This eccentricity of orbit, or distance of the sun from the centre, is very small.
  • Still, whatever eccentricity he attempts, it will be imputed to his deranged understanding.
  • This McKettrick regarded as a harmless eccentricity of the lamb he was about to fleece.
  • As regards mere extravagance and eccentricity of execution, Paganini was surpassed by Locatelli.
  • The maiden is not at peace with herself; that is evident from the violence and eccentricity of her behaviour.
  • Here were minds which skidded from subject to subject with the eccentricity of water-spiders on a roadside pool.
  • I know not where any personal eccentricity is so freely allowed, and no man gives himself any concern with it.
  • Still more surprising than the eccentricity of its plan, are the peculiar arrangements which are to be found in the interior of this temple.
  • Whatever the eccentricity of his lonely movements, his tall hat and fluttering frock-coat had exaggerated it.
  • It is true that seeming evidence of hyperbolic eccentricity is sometimes afforded by observations and regarded by some astronomers as sufficient.
  • If the boast were true, there must have been a powerful strain of eccentricity and perversity derived from elsewhere.
  • Was it the blunder of an idealess vocal machine? or the contradictory eccentricity of a seeker after impossible novelty?
  • But this eccentricity is steadily diminishing at a uniform rate, by reason of the perturbing influence of the other planets.
  • Comets which move in ellipses of known eccentricity and return with periodical regularity may be regarded as belonging to the solar system.
  • Was this the jangled record of an unsound mind, or was it the apologia for an eccentricity probably not so uncommon, after all?
  • The orbit is very eccentric, the eccentricity being about one-third, or greater than that of any other satellite of the solar system.
  • It should be stated that the gentleman was known to have recently inherited a large fortune, and had evinced a certain eccentricity of disposition.
  • And here, too, we came suddenly upon an eccentricity of out-building that wrought upon our souls with wonder.
  • Smeaton regarded him steadily, uncertain as to what new form his eccentricity would take, but spoke no word.
  • But eccentricity is not always an original condition, for, under certain circumstances, it may be acquired.
  • She even thought him a strange, moody youth; but yet there was something in his moodiness and eccentricity which excited her fancy.
  • Avoid all eccentricity and affectation in the preparation of your manuscript, or "copy," as printers call it.
  • He thought that it was contrary to the spirit of the laws of gravitation to exclude any planet from office on account of the eccentricity or inclination of his orbit.
  • Differences of temperature and density of the parts of the original mass account for the eccentricity of orbits, and deviations from the plane of the equator.
  • Still, he contrived to impress the stamp of spontaneous eccentricity upon every one of the expedients to which he resorted in his pecuniary embarrassments.
  • Because of this eccentricity of proportion, his bald head rose above the back of the chair to a height approximately identical with that of its normal occupant.

Definition of Eccentricity

The quality of being eccentric or odd; any eccentric behaviour. | (mathematics) The ratio, constant for any particular conic section, of the distance of a point from the focus to its distance from the directrix. | (astronomy) The distance of the centre of a planet's orbit from the centre of the sun.
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