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  • An eclectic old soul is he.
  • The eclectic spirit of his time.
  • His work was eclectic in the highest sense.
  • The philosophy of Empedocles is eclectic in character.
  • The Viennese eclectic philosopher admits the significance of the Soviets.

How To Use Eclectic In A Sentence?

  • We've had all the doctors, eclectic an' herb besides, an' they don't give her no hope.
  • George grinned as he felt those eclectic hands endeavouring in the most brotherly fashion to torture him.
  • From the various beliefs he made up a kind of eclectic religion; but it was not a success outside of his palace.
  • Paris is the only place in the world where such eclectic houses exist; where all tastes, all vices, all opinions are received under decent guise.
  • It must be a very one-sided view of the case that will lead us to deny this; and by such eclectic methods of observation we can support any theory we please.
  • The service music is selected on eclectic principles, and covers the ground from Gibbons to Villiers Stanford.
  • In a class of one hundred and thirty students at the Eclectic Medical College, forty-three were sensitive in greater or less degree.

Definition of Eclectic

Selecting a mixture of what appears to be best of various doctrines, methods or styles. | Unrelated and unspecialized; heterogeneous. | Someone who selects according to the eclectic method.
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