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How To Use Economic Conditions In A Sentence?

  • Good for its character sketches, glimpses of slavery, and report of economic conditions.
  • Austria must accept economic conditions and freedom of transit similar to those in German treaty.
  • Germany will, in fact, be brought down to the political and economic conditions of Portugal.
  • Limits imposed upon the Townward Movement by the Economic Conditions of World-industry.
  • Limits imposed upon the Townward Movement by the Economic Conditions of World-industry.
  • At first there was not very much for him to do except to familiarize himself with the physical and economic conditions of the little duchy.
  • The economic conditions of the island underwent a great change during the sixth decade of the century.
  • Consequently clean cutting may be the best system for these also under certain economic conditions.
  • And that the new economic conditions imposed by the war had considerably reduced the income of the most wealthy citizens.
  • The practice of forestry is necessarily different in different kinds of forests and under different economic conditions.
  • But changing laws and economic conditions drove them down and down in the scale until the very names of many of them were gradually lost sight of.
  • The marriage rate responds not only to the economic conditions of a whole country but to the economic conditions of its various parts.
  • All these efforts have done much to improve the economic conditions, thus elevating the scale of living.
  • The additional burden of a considerable foreign garrison and a crowd of rapacious officials increased the severity of the economic conditions.
  • One prefers to trace it back to mechanical or economic conditions; but censorship undoubtedly has a share in the process.
  • In the first place, the economic conditions of the country as well as the inclinations of the people require exaggerated credit.
  • The economic conditions, too, of landed relations by degrees made these feelings more general and intense.
  • Each is limited and conditioned by the other, though constitutional forms are always largely the product and expression of economic conditions.
  • Descriptions of economic conditions in Germany must therefore be read with the realisation that they are morbid symptoms.
  • The negro from middle Alabama is going north because of economic conditions which he can not help and which he can not overcome.
  • Furthermore, he recognized that the economic conditions in the South make slavery necessary to prosperity.
  • Then would come the true democracy, possible only under just economic conditions, where each has equal opportunity for self-expression.
  • Economic conditions are compelling women to enter with men into the fierce competition of our disordered social State.
  • Political leadership should aim at constant improvement of economic conditions, spread economic benefits, and make the nation healthy.
  • Shall we incur the risk that changes in economic conditions, hard times, or panic and industrial depressions may bring about?
  • Without an evolving idea of fair use, copyright would overshoot its bounds as it was applied to new technologies and new economic conditions.
  • Hunger, pressure of population, migratory movements because of economic conditions, will not explain the origin and the persistence of wars.
  • To answer this question, we must first see what the State is and what relation it holds to the economic conditions.
  • The American doctrine of individual liberty had its origin in economic conditions widely different from those which prevail to-day.
  • Such, in outline, are the intermingled political and economic conditions common to all American industrial centres.
  • But the essential features of the land system were not much changed; its economic conditions became, in important respects, worse.
  • They rarely became self-supporting, but depended on subsidy of one kind or another, which under new economic conditions is no longer forthcoming.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Economic Conditions | Economic Conditions Sentence

  • The economic conditions all favor that class.
  • A survey of their economic conditions and prospects.
  • Excellent, for economic conditions.
  • For economic conditions do shape the history of nations.
  • Negro and the New Economic Conditions.
  • Present social and economic conditions are to a great extent chaotic.
  • There is no surer way of feeling the pressure of present economic conditions.
  • For the time being, civil life and economic conditions were disorganised.
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