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  • Economy was entirely disregarded.
  • His economy was not parsimonious.
  • A pitiless economy was everywhere enforced.
  • Moreover, economy was absolutely necessary.
  • But this new bit of economy was lost on Randy.
  • The whole Jewish economy was intended to usher it in.
  • I With the Merryman girls economy was a fine art.
  • This economy was prudent and adapted to the exigency of the period.
  • He possessed many virtues, but economy was not one of them.

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  • To try to show her the road to economy was to plunge her into fresh extravagance.
  • But when political economy was treated as a philosophy of life it began to be mischievous.
  • Within the gang, an economy was developed that was a compromise between individual liberty and a military socialism.
  • Now, the precise counterpart of such a household would be seen in a nation in which political economy was rightly understood.
  • Anyhow, the strictest economy was necessary, and it was accordingly resolved that the voyage should not be much prolonged.
  • Greville said that his income was only half the usual amount, and even in royal palaces strict economy was practiced.
  • As compared with the insane doctrines now in favour with the working-man, the old political economy was sound and sensible.
  • Perhaps coincidentally, the growth of the attention economy was accompanied by an increase of concern over the attention spans of young people.
  • In the age of air power in China the relation between the army, the government, and the economy was revolutionized.
  • It contained, however, at least one piece of music which the composer, with due regard to economy, was determined not to waste.
  • Thus we may see that almost the whole of the Old Testament economy was typical and temporary, and not intended to be perfect and everlasting.
  • Their domestic economy was regulated in the same spirit as their preceptorial: it consisted of the same sedulous exclusion of all that could border on pleasure, or give any exercise to choice.
  • But when by chance the cause of his sudden economy was discovered, all discontent with his conduct ceased, especially since his purse was always at the service of a needy comrade.
  • She had not intended to reproach him, for economy was not one of her own strong points; and she remembered bills owing as well as bills paid, and many a good intention falsified.
  • This economy was, however, less the effect of prudence than that love of simplicity, which, even to this day, the use of the most expensive tables has not been able to vitiate.
  • Rigid economy was the rule at Holly Cottage; no luxuries could be afforded, and pleasures were mostly of a kind that did not involve any great expenditure.
  • What Peter had torn down, Tabitha had burnt up, for she wisely considered that without a house they should need no wood to warm it, and therefore economy was nonsense.
  • George's political economy was old-fashioned or absurd; and his solution of the problem of poverty could not withstand the simplest criticism.
  • Through powerful opera-glasses the bottle labels could be read, and the management's sacrifice of truthfulness to economy was severely criticised.
  • In a time when political economy was still in a state of infancy, he held the most enlightened opinions on all questions relating to it; his doctrines on prices, wages, rent, etc., are still worth reading.
  • Like the Presbyterians and the Independents and the Catholics, these in turn maintained that their favorite system of church economy was warranted by divine authority, and that all others were excluded.
  • She said, "Mary, this recipe was almost invaluable to me when I was a young housekeeper and the strictest economy was necessary.
  • Vane's eyes rested on many objects that he recognized, but as his glance traveled to and fro it occurred to him that much of what he saw conveyed a hint that economy was needful.
  • As far as the question of economy was concerned, it was about as cheap for a nation to be at war with these bandits of the sea as at peace, for so heavy was the tribute they demanded that their friendship came almost as high as their enmity.
  • It appeared to him that to train working people when young in habits of economy, was of more practical value to themselves, and of greater importance to society, than to fill their minds with the contents of many books.
  • Another large economy was effected early in the year by a reduction of the manufacture of beer from the 1914 total of about 36,000,000 barrels and the 1916 total of 26,000,000 barrels to a total of some 14,000,000 standard barrels.
  • For Mr. Meech was the pastor of the Hard-Shell Baptist Church in Clayton, and if his domestic economy was a matter of open gossip, there was no question concerning the fact of his learning.
  • She disliked to ask money from the Commons, and they granted subsidies with extreme reluctance; the result was that between the two the greatest economy was practised, and the people were not over-burdened by taxation.
  • He attended classes at mechanics' institutions, and young men's debating societies; where every topic of the day, religion, politics, political economy, was handled freely, as the young do handle these serious things.
  • The only remedy in such cases--industry and economy--was applied, through necessity if not from choice, and recovery has been slowly progressing up to the present time (1900), when we may be classed as convalescent.
  • Already the air had lost the touch of freshness which comes, even to London in August, during the first hours of the morning; and the heat in the low-ceilinged room on the third floor which Juliet occupied for the sake of economy, was oppressive in spite of the small sash windows being opened to their utmost capacity.
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