Edge And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Edge And | Edge And Sentence

  • They ran to the edge and looked down.
  • We leaned over the edge and sniffed.
  • Harald went to the edge and looked over.
  • They went to the edge and looked over.
  • Cautiously he crawled down to the edge and glanced about!
  • Weaver stepped noiselessly to the edge and looked down.
  • Then he went to the lake edge and peered about.
  • The outlaw went to the edge and looked over.
  • There he crept carefully to the edge and looked over.
  • Jan went to the edge and looked down in the hole.
  • We returned to the solid edge and deliberated.
  • These also he rolled to the edge and pushed in.
  • We dangled our feet over the edge and talked about it.
  • Begin at the edge and roll like a jelly-roll.
  • Cyril ran to the edge and gave a cry of pleasure.
  • They reached the far edge and climbed up on the wall.
  • He thought he would rest on the edge and take a drink.
  • Her nerves were on edge, and the news was a shock.
  • I reached over the rock edge, and dropped the handkerchief.
  • He slid over the edge and Pete grabbed him.
  • Leaping Horse went to the edge and looked down.
  • Work Edge and Work Side.
  • Jack threw himself down by the edge and peered down the shaft.
  • Boyce looked down over the edge and he felt a chill go through him.
  • It should be straight on one edge and about the thickness of an ordinary rule.
  • The covers are neatly rounded on the edge and nicely finished.
  • It set our teeth on edge and clawed off the coats of our stomachs.
  • We reached the river's edge and halted.
  • By this time they had come to the edge, and it was not a cheering sight.
  • Had she wandered to the edge and fallen in, or was there a deeper mystery?
  • The man who had killed him walked slowly forward to the edge and looked down.
  • It stands on the water's edge and is three-storied.
  • Stellite keeps a hard cutting edge and gets tougher as it gets hotter.
  • Racey dismounted at the edge and started across, leading his horse.

How To Use Edge And In A Sentence?

  • The junction between the cutting edge and the rock was sealed with concrete and grout.
  • Already the mountain silhouette had lost its sharp edge and the outlines were blurring.
  • He swung himself over the edge, and slipped silently down into the black mystery.
  • In his feeling the edge and point of his bayonet, there was something of a caress.
  • One slid over the edge, and in rescuing it she disturbed a fold of the portiere.
  • She rolled at last over the horizon-edge and disappeared, carrying all her light with her.
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