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  • There was an edge of irony to her smile.
  • And the grass that grows green by the edge of the grave.
  • He placed the shavings in the edge of the little pile.
  • Along the edge of the fields the ground descends this way.
  • Harry reached the fair grounds on the eastern edge of town.
  • Standing at the extreme inner edge of the walk was the cornetist.
  • When they had reached the edge of the swamp the stranger paused.
  • He was on the edge of a field of green peas that were tickling his fancy.
  • Most of the frogs were several meters away from the edge of the pond.
  • My two specimens were in large trees at the edge of the river.
  • He threw his legs over the edge of the low chair and stood up.

How To Use Edge In A Sentence?

  • One by one the sailors made their way to the very edge of the wave-splashed beach.
  • Worming our fingers under the edge of the boulder, we lifted with all the strength that was in us.
  • The men then were placed in single line in the edge of the brush facing the open field.
  • Just as they came near the edge of the village, a settler was seen riding in on horseback.
  • He knew the knife-like edge of the lower summit, the towering outlines of the peak itself.
  • He stood on the edge of the beach and, borrowing a lantern, watched for his opportunity.
  • In his agitation he shook the branch of a tree with which he was supporting himself as he looked over the edge of the cliff.
  • Following on the heels of the fleeing militiamen, they were soon at the very edge of the encampment.
  • Species included in this category are those that customarily spend most of their lives at the edge of permanent water.
  • Two bricks lay at the edge of the walk and the end of a third protruded from the bottom of the sign.
  • Porter halted in an open meadow near the edge of the village, and the prisoners were gathered together.
  • This specimen was taken from the thatched roof of a house at the edge of the forest and contained the remains of a small mammal.
  • Her romanticism was invulnerable because it had no contact, even through imagination, with the edge of reality.
  • He laughed shortly, and dug the end of his walking stick between the pavement and the edge of the curbstone.
  • The shadows divided, and what seemed to him the edge of darkness moved forward into the dimly lighted space at his side.
  • The flanks were bluish gray with black in the costal grooves and creamy tan flecks along the ventral edge of the flank.
  • A narrow temporal stripe extends along the upper edge of the anterior temporal and the lower edge of the upper secondary temporal.
  • A rickety ladder of bamboo, approached through a chaos of boulders, mounts to the edge of the profound abyss.
  • I was raking industriously, when my eye was suddenly attracted by a small glittering object near the outer edge of the pile.
  • And close by was the picture of the wind-mill, set on the edge of the down, with the shepherd driving sheep in the foreground.
  • At time of hatching the jelly becomes less viscous; the tadpoles wriggle until they reach the edge of the leaf and drop into the water.
  • Midway between the lapping water and the brush that lined the edge of the flat, a dark object became visualized in the shifting gray vapor.
  • When first they clung to the bamboo, they did so by means of the claw on the outer edge of the flying membrane, and then they gradually settled.
  • The outer edge of this washer is, therefore, rigid with respect to the rear electrode, which is fixed.
  • A walk of four or five miles brought them to the edge of a wood, which at that time covered the greater part of the eastern side of the island.
  • He ran to the edge of the rock, and, looking over, saw away down the road his carriage surrounded by robbers.
  • The job was not an easy one, the tough oak wood being almost enough to turn the edge of his chisel, and there being no purchase at all for the saw.
  • An adult male having a snout-vent length of 41.7 mm. was found at night on the forest floor at the edge of a temporary pond.
  • I cannot in any other way account for that nightmare of the solitary horseman on the edge of the horizon, in his Hartford Speech.

Definition of Edge

(transitive) To move an object slowly and carefully in a particular direction. | (intransitive) To move slowly and carefully in a particular direction. | (usually in the form 'just edge') To win by a small margin.
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