Edith in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Edith

1. What was Edith doing now? 🔊

2. Then Edith had a reaction. 🔊

3. But Edith would not agree. 🔊

4. Here Edith showed more interest. 🔊

5. He thought Edith had more colour than usual. 🔊

6. When Edith went home she had a bad quarter of an hour. 🔊

7. I'll tell Edith you'll write for rooms. 🔊

8. It was a glorious day, very hot, Edith felt peculiar. 🔊

9. It's a very oppressive basket,' Edith said. 🔊

10. Hank looked at Edith; Edith was busy with her plate. 🔊

11. Roxbury, Miss Edith C. Norcross, bbl. 🔊

12. Never in his life had he been opposed by Edith before in this way. 🔊

13. He'd thought Edith would be watching at a window. 🔊

14. They both laughed, and Edith gently pushed her friend out of the room. 🔊

15. At dinner before the play Edith was very bright, and particularly pretty. 🔊

16. Very little of it went on dress, although Edith was not very economical. 🔊

17. He amuses me,' Edith replied softly. 🔊

18. He saw Edith as much as ever, and far less formally than before. 🔊

How to use Edith in Sentences?

1. He knew that if Edith had been free his one thought would have been to marry her. 🔊

2. It was characteristic of Edith that she kept to her own point, though not aggressively. 🔊