Edition In A Sentence

Definition of Edition

(publishing) A written work edited and published, as by a certain editor or in a certain manner. | The whole number of copies of a work printed and published at one time. | (sports) A particular instance of an event.

How To Use Edition In A Sentence?

  • The following typographical errors present in the original edition have been corrected.
  • To make room for them several of the smaller sketches in the first edition have been omitted.
  • I should be glad, likewise, to have your opinion about the full edition of my works.
  • Blackburn produced his first machine early in 1910 (see 1911 edition for details).
  • Printed from the Edition that was carefully corrected by the Author in 1867 and 1868.
  • You see I have corrected the exceptionable part in the edition which I now send you.
  • In some cases, if the 1882 edition clearly has an error, I have used the other works as a guide.
  • The first French edition of the text of Vitruvius is of 1523; the first German is of 1543.
  • Bernal Diaz is referred to in the French edition published by M. Lemerre in 1879.
  • Printer's errors found in the 1882 edition have been corrected in this electronic edition.
  • On the last page of the same edition there is an advertisement which helps to explain why the appeals for cool blood were useless.
  • This edition has been thoroughly revised by the author, with the view of making the work scrupulously accurate.
  • Having moored his boat and proceeded to the inn, he was directed upstairs by the landlord, who was an enlarged and coloured edition of his brother.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Edition | Edition Sentence

  • Third edition revised.
  • This edition dated 1919.
  • Special edition clearly indicated.
  • This is clearly a later edition to the fable.
  • A complete edition of his works is now in the press.
  • A better edition could not be desired.
  • The hydro. is an enlarged edition of the mono.
  • A new edition in new style, at a reduced price.
  • New Edition in one volume.
  • Limited edition in leather, $2.00.
  • See my edition of Marlowe, iii.
  • Trade Edition of 1816, in 8vo.
  • A Uniform Edition in 8 vols.
  • A printed edition of it, by Thorpe, appeared in 1788.
  • Also the new, revised, and cheaper edition (the Seventh).
  • Proverbial Philosophy, Illustrated Edition of.
  • A New Edition in One Volume.
  • In this edition there are many variations from the previous one.
  • I find it on the reverse of the title-page of the edition in 8vo.
  • In the original edition of 1825 scarcely half of the manuscript was printed.
  • A small edition was printed at Paris for private circulation.
  • A few Copies only remain, and no further edition will be issued.
  • This e-text includes readings from the 1768 second edition of Colman.
  • In 1768 edition this passage is labeled SCENE II.
  • The edition referred to is Birch's, London, 1878.
  • A Handsome Fine Art Edition of the Poet's Works.

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