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  • They found the editor at his desk.
  • I saw that it was past eleven, and I determined on going to the editor at once.
  • If you are ambitious to disgust an editor at once, begin your poem with "Only."
  • Your editor at the _

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  • In fact, he found that if he wished to be an editor at all it would have to be on his own paper.
  • No one could imagine what that vast, polished tableland could serve for until they watched the editor at work.
  • There was no regular editor at first, although the publication of the first three numbers was practically superintended by Smith.
  • I remember trying to pitch an article on the subject to a charming but uncomprehending opinion page editor at the Washington Post.
  • Who ever heard of an editor--and the shrewd, alert, night editor at that--in such a dilemma!
  • Furthermore, my former editor at Bantam Books, Betsy Mitchell, genuinely cared about this project, and worked hard on it, and had a lot of wise things to say about the manuscript.
  • The parson often discourses touching the round of his parochial duties; and who does not sympathize with the diurnal editor at the thought of the harassing duties devolving upon him, "in circles incessant.
  • The connection of the different forms of the legend has been investigated by the Danish editor at considerable length and with signal ability; and we shall endeavor to present the principal results of his wide research in the few pages which our narrow limits allow us to give to such questions.
  • Everybody bought it at first to see what more the young editor would have to say in scarification of Jack Summers, and everybody continued to buy it, because the young editor at once ceased to scarify Summers, flinging him contemptuously aside as something done for, and turning his attention to a more important aspect of the same matter.
  • Willard Hinton, seeing what balm these evidences of approval brought to Mr. Opp's wounded spirit, determined to arrange for a banquet to the retiring editor, at which he planned to bring forth as many testimonials of friendship and good-will as was possible.
  • The Gentleman's Magazine_, whose editor, at "Billy" Burton's invitation, he had become.
  • I won't believe you are an editor at all unless you call me within five minutes."
  • Indeed, I am not sure that the functions of the film editor--at least in the case of a picture such as the Somme Film--do not call for a greater exercise of discretion, diplomacy and tact; for so many interests have to be taken into account; so much has to be left out, for so much is at stake.
  • Altering his position--at times an editor--at times an assistant-editor--anon changing his business as new hopes were roused in his bosom--and then being a mere writer, depending upon the sale of his fugitive sketches for the means of support--in all these experiments with Fortune, he was ever true to the fond spirit which gently ruled at home.
  • The most extreme exponent of this anti-Croat party seems to be a well-known editor at Novi Sad, Mr. Ja[vs]a Tomi['c].
  • Relating to the work of the Association may be addressed to the Corresponding Secretaries; letters for "THE AMERICAN MISSIONARY," to the Editor, at the New York Office.
  • John Whitehead as editor, at first, the onerous though very interesting work of _
  • The working editor at that time was Henry Stebbing who had been associated with the _Athen
  • Relating to the work of the Association may be addressed to the Corresponding Secretaries; letters for "THE AMERICAN MISSIONARY," to the Editor, at the New York Office; letters relating to the finances, to the Treasurer.
  • , for review and exchanges, should be sent to the Editor, at the American Museum of Natural History, 77th St. and 8th Ave., New York City.
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