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  • Mills wrote books and was the editor of a small magazine.
  • The Editor looked up instinctively.
  • The Editor had another discovery to announce.
  • The Editor looked sharply at his friend.
  • The Editor exclaimed at so much modesty.
  • Whether or not I am its editor I could not say.
  • You infamous editor of a two cent daily paper; I deny it.
  • To Pilat, editor of the "Austrian Observer" 339.
  • Its editor dreamt he was at a meeting in a free and contented country.
  • The editor trusted in his argument; as does the present scribe.
  • The editor walked to the hospital, the lieutenant was carried.
  • It was a duel with cavalry sabres, between an editor and a lieutenant.
  • Much may be done by asking him for "introductions" to an editor or publisher.
  • See also remarks by the American editor and translator.
  • The Editor jumped on him in the manner of their old friendship.
  • The editor said, "So it is.
  • This outrageous exhibition was to the Editor like the lash to a jaded horse.
  • The Editor looked helplessly around as if begging for response of some sort.
  • Still he sat down and the Editor swung his revolving chair right round.
  • He spun about quickly with a frown, but the Editor was not laughing at him.
  • The Editor made a step forward, bowed with creditable steadiness.
  • The editor of a great Vienna newspaper, a friend, intercepted him.
  • I wish I had been half as stern with the assistant editor from Philadelphia.
  • In thirty-eight minutes I was at work as managin' editor of a mornin' paper.
  • Who got a new leather lounge for the managin' editor of our daily newspaper?
  • Willie had come home--and the Editor was with him.
  • HERBERT T. WADE, editor and writer on physics.
  • The editor of the "Mode Zeitung" is to write to Y.R.H. on the subject.
  • We've got him," the Editor became very business-like.
  • Placated by Renouard's docility the Editor gazed at him for a while.
  • JOHN H. CLIFFORD, editor and writer.

How To Use Editor In A Sentence?

  • Some day a newspaper editor will arise who can achieve a really useful index to his contents.
  • The chief editor is a friend of mine; it was he who let out the secret of your authorship.
  • The Editor making red marks on a long slip of printed paper threw the pencil down.
  • I had instructed him to find a boarding-house of as respectable a character as my light salary as editor would command.
  • It had however changed the tone of its literary criticism from the time when a certain letter was written to the editor by Coleridge.
  • In peace times no German editor would dare to refuse any contribution sent to him by the military authorities.
  • Rellstab, Ludwig, a writer and poet, for many years editor of the "Vossische Zeitung," in Berlin.
  • What he imparted to the Editor were no emotions, but mere facts conveyed in a deliberate voice and in uninspired words.
  • As the editor was in the mean time taken ill, he was not able to call for the work himself, and was thus obliged to give up this interesting visit.

Definition of Editor

A person who edits or makes changes to documents. | A copy editor. | A person who edited a specific document.
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