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  • In the editorial rooms of the same.
  • Assisted by the editorial staff of the publishers.
  • Fifth, no editorial or science questionnaire.
  • The editorial made us roar with laughter ...
  • I was doing editorial work in X and broke down.
  • NM: editorial revisions.
  • NM: editorial matter.
  • NM: compilation & editorial matter.
  • NM: condensation, arrangement & editorial matter.
  • NM: compilation, condensation & editorial matter.
  • NM: editorial work, introd. & decorations.
  • By the publisher's editorial staff.
  • By the publisher's editorial staff.
  • Nose-pulling is another disagreeable branch of the editorial business.
  • Editors are human, and the editorial position is a very troublesome one.
  • Then I turned my hot young blood loose on the editorial page.
  • NM: new maps, drawings, chronological tables & editorial matter.
  • He headed his editorial "A Youthful Interim ...
  • Under the editorial supervision of A. Hewson Michie, Chas.
  • Under the editorial supervision of A. Hewson Michie, Chas.
  • Under the editorial supervision of A. Hewson Michie, Chas.

How To Use Editorial In A Sentence?

  • What he had come to seek in the editorial office was not controversy, but information.
  • An unscrupulous man in the editorial chair may smite as with the wing of a destroying angel.
  • Gifford, with a half promise of the editorial chair in his mind, smiled blandly.
  • He has enlivened his editorial labours with irruptions of legal facetiousness and sagacious reflections.
  • Walker was not of the sort who could content himself for any length of time within the stuffy walls of an editorial sanctum.
  • Casey read this editorial in full knowledge that thousands of his fellow-citizens would also read it.
  • In the private editorial office of the principal newspaper in a great colonial city two men were talking.
  • But we are all aware that there is a class of men in towns and cities who send forth a baleful influence from their editorial pens.
  • The cautions derived from the above remarks are particularly wanted with reference to the editorial comments upon letters of complaint.
  • Within six weeks he was on the editorial staff of that paper at twenty dollars a week, and he was worth the money.
  • Though generally printed, in the evening papers for the most part only in extracts, it was practically passed over in the editorial columns.
  • In order to make his mind a blank he tried to imagine himself about to write a leading editorial for the Balloon.
  • At the age of twenty-two he secured an editorial position in Boston and continued to write all his life.
  • He set out to narrate it at such length that, as an editorial note tells us, the concluding portion was reserved for the second number.
  • I had been a correspondent for them in various places, and I had been a member of the editorial staff in Philadelphia for a time.
  • I had supposed that that was an easy berth, there being nothing to do but write one editorial per day; but I was disappointed in that superstition.
  • All editorial notes are enclosed in square brackets, to indicate that they were not written by the late Mr. Rssll.
  • But our lunches were open to all sorts of guests, and our deliberations were never of a character to control me effectively in my editorial decisions.
  • But compelled by the necessities of a large family to seek it, he determined to establish a daily newspaper and take upon himself the editorial charge of it.

Definition of Editorial

Of or relating to an editor, editing or an editorial. | (fashion) Appropriate for high fashion magazines. | An article in a publication giving the opinion of its editors on a given topic or current event.
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