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  • They are the first educators and trainers.

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  • This nature-study when properly followed approves itself both to educators and to farmers.
  • Encouragement by our best Northern educators, and (4.) establishment of industrial schools.
  • They are universal educators and the fundamental principles they have laid down are the causes and factors of the advancement of nations.
  • They have done their duty as ornamental wits and lively educators, and now make way for others more suited to the age.
  • Educators (and psychologists) have often assumed that acts which reproduce the behavior of others are acquired merely by imitation.
  • This is hardly to be considered a fault of Hearn when educators and physicians and oculists the world over, never suspect the reason.
  • These holy Manifestations of God are the educators and trainers of the world of existence, the teachers of the world of humanity.
  • The attention of educators and parents is being directed to the dangers to infants of this komori system, to say nothing of the harm it does to the girls themselves.
  • Both educators and criminologists have indeed often raised such questions, and social reformers have not seldom seen there wide perspectives for social movements in future times.
  • The success of the work in Kent County was due primarily to the fact that the educators and the farmers and their leaders are in especially close sympathy.
  • The abolition of the spiritual rule of foreigners and the restoration of the independent Bulgarian church became the leading object of the literary reformers, educators, and patriots.
  • After the work was in type, and before publication, he sent complete copies to a number of gentlemen, eminent as medical teachers, clergymen, educators, and literateurs.
  • This proposition is not received by a few individuals merely in comparatively unimportant communities: it is one which is generally adopted by enlightened practical educators and by liberal-minded capitalists of both hemispheres.
  • The cordial reception given to this little book by the medical profession, by educators, and especially by the young men of the country, have by their demands for the book necessitated the appearance of new editions in such rapid succession that no far-reaching changes in the text have been possible even if they had been needed.
  • Educators and sociologists may supply the theories; but by experiment, by trial and error,--yes, and by prayer,--the solution must be found in the practical domain of industry.
  • In 1895 Mr. Washington came into national prominence by a remarkable speech at the Cotton States Exposition in Atlanta, and after that he interested educators and thinking people generally in the working out of his ideas of practical education.
  • Tis said, best men are moulded of their faults;" and great educators and lawgivers, and especially generals, and leaders of colonies, mainly rely on this stuff, and esteem men of irregular and passional force the best timber.
  • Our Department of Agriculture sent maize missionaries to Europe with farmers and millers as educators and expert cooks to serve free flapjacks and pones, but the propaganda made little impression and today Americans are urged to eat more of their own corn because the famished families of the war-stricken region will not touch it.
  • By thousands of books written by themselves, they raised the consciences of the people, for the greatest spiritual struggle that had ever taken place since the Star of Bethlehem had appeared to the human race; and again through thousands of books, after the first victory, they consecrated anew for their people all earthly relations, the duties and rights of men, of the family, and of the governing powers, as the first educators and teachers of the great multitude.
  • And crazier still to get fellows like you and me to using their influence among the educators and scientists of this country in favor of German culture."
  • A recent report in the daily papers (April, 1899), that one or another of the most civilized Indian tribes, of which remnants remain, is determined upon emigration from the United States to Mexico, because of the fairer treatment they have reason to look for there, will certainly not surprise those who are familiar with the broken promises and rescinded obligations that have marked the Government's dealing with the Red man and his Catholic educators and missioners.
  • "A most cursory examination of the portraits of poets, educators, and essayists will show a marked tendency in them to resemble the triangle in structure of the head and body--both head and body wide above and narrower in the lower portions.
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