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  • The Austrians made strenuous efforts to save the fortress.
  • He was astonished to find that his efforts to descend were powerless.
  • Frank, in the meanwhile, was making desperate efforts to reach the poor girl.
  • The efforts of Wayne were ever put forth to suppress these raids.
  • For a long time I made unsuccessful efforts to break my chain.
  • Sir Edward Grey was now making eleventh-hour efforts to stave off fate.
  • He appeared to be proof against Keith's utmost efforts to be friends.

How To Use Efforts In A Sentence?

  • Protestations were useless and efforts to dissuade him from his purpose of leaving.
  • His face and hands were blistered from his efforts to shield his passengers from the fire.
  • There was no difficulty in overtaking the animal, desperate as were his efforts to escape.
  • Rosamond was lying in the same position as she had been and was as unresponsive to efforts to rouse her as before.
  • It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.
  • There was about him none of that nervous agitation which is so apt to disturb the first efforts at deer slaying.
  • Although a large reward was offered for his apprehension, all efforts to find him proved unavailing.
  • Dinner was eaten in morbid silence, with painful and fitful efforts to appear interested in each other.
  • In his efforts to unite them he was aided and supported in all that he did by the English officials.
  • Sage fell a victim to an illness which reduced him to a skeleton, and defied all the efforts of the physicians to cure it.
  • Two hundred men had already been despatched to their assistance, and the only effect of the news was to redouble the efforts of the rest.
  • He sunk on his knees, seized my hand in despite of my efforts to the contrary, and covered it with kisses.
  • The horse was exhausting itself rapidly with its efforts merely to keep its nose out, making no further attempt to swim toward the bank.
  • There was not much drumming, because the drummer spent nearly all his ample leisure on more or less successful efforts to vend programmes.
  • His father had long been dead, and his mother and sisters gathered what they could, but the combined family efforts were insufficient.
  • As to mine I readily promised my best aid and warmest efforts in my friend's behalf.
  • If such be the case, what use is it to the Company for efforts to be made for the delivery of a large number of elephants?
  • In any case, their united and repeated efforts bore fruit at last, if anything so hard and meager and forlorn can be called a fruit.
  • He was now a recognized leader in the field, and the British commander-in-chief directed his efforts to his overthrow.
  • Many objects of fancy shape have been produced as mere feats of glass-blowing, and with some of these efforts I sympathise.
  • She exhibited to the puzzled Joan certain injuries to her person which made her efforts at equestrianism seem nothing short of heroic.
  • His leg was badly broken, and nearly severed by his efforts to get loose, and the bark of the poles was worn away within reach of his struggles.
  • He went on to tell how the Indians had tried to get peace, how their efforts had failed, and how their patience was now all gone.
  • What he had done to Wallie was only the gambolling of a frisky colt as compared with his efforts to rid his back of Pinkey.
  • The Germans had made great efforts to repair their batteries, but the shell-fire from the Japanese guns was too heavy.
  • His voice quavered with eager enthusiasm as he ignored the efforts of the bell-boy to draw his attention to the fact that he was waiting to open his room for him.
  • Many vigorous but unsuccessful efforts were made on the part of the colonists and their neighbors, during eighteen months, to regain their territory.
  • Then he rang for dinner, and I made stupendous efforts not to be a baby, which I should not have been sorry to find myself at that instant.
  • They have seemed to torment themselves, and to confound others, in their gigantic efforts to extricate themselves from a dark labyrinth, out of which there is absolutely no escape.
  • It was so heavy that it sagged from the handle as he bore it in front of him with both hands, so no one was deceived by his heroic efforts to carry it jauntily and make it appear that he did not notice the weight.
  • In spite of their efforts to appear unconcerned when it jangled, the haste of the guests was nothing less than indecent as they hurried to the dining room and scrambled for seats at the table.
  • He did not know whether the dread of being nagged or the fear of hurting her had influenced him most; and when he looked back he could recall only a series of ineffectual efforts at evasion or denial.
  • From my very school-boy days my love adventures had the same unfortunate abruptness in their issue; and there seemed to be something very like a fatality in the invariable unsuccess of my efforts at marriage.

Definition of Efforts

plural of effort
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