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  • The newcomer was effusive in his greeting.
  • She met him with an effusive kiss of congratulation.
  • Thinner, and grayer, but just as effusive as ever.
  • His welcome of Francesco was more effusive than its wont.
  • By the Effusive 56 VI.
  • We are not an effusive race, and it sometimes hurts us to receive a favor.
  • The captain was elaborately polite; quite effusive in his greeting to us.
  • One of them was Howden, who was in the effusive after-dinner stage.
  • She receives Lady Rylton's effusive embrace calmly.
  • The excited, eager, effusive tones of Rose Euclid remained in his ears.
  • She is a stanch ally, but not always effusive to strangers," I said.

How To Use Effusive In A Sentence?

  • He had no sooner seen me coming than he went to meet me with an effusive manner.
  • She should never bestow effusive attentions on her lover, nor boast of his devotion to her.
  • These letters should be brief and not effusive on any point, nor evasive of the issue at stake.
  • Of course Amory Pratt had made the proposal with almost effusive considerateness.
  • The man would be ready with some plausible justification of his course, but would be as effusive in his courtesy as ever.
  • Not that he understood why she was so much more effusive than of old, but if it augured a happier life together, he was glad.
  • How different it is from the soft, sweet nonsense of fashionable fops; the effusive gush of poetical dudes.
  • Their enthusiasm for ceremonial, their effusive religious expression, had made the past three days wearying and difficult.
  • Her visitor confounded herself in effusive expressions of gratitude and friendliness, which the Directrice received with a smile.
  • She bade them an effusive good-bye, mounted her wheel, pulling at her short skirts, and glided away.
  • Such feeble sentiments as mercy, benevolence and effusive love, scarcely find place in this conception of the source of universal order.
  • The spy, however, with his usual dulness, did not perceive it, but took all this effusive service as his rightful due.
  • In the first place, the rather effusive pity with which she was treated by the female portion of the White family, irritated her.
  • Fortunately Tinker did not like being petted; his sentiments, indeed, on the matter of being kissed by the effusive verged on the ungallant.
  • The one who was awake welcomed them in effusive cow-boy style, and then with a "Wake up, you-uns!
  • Weems doubtless thought that he was helping God and doing good to Washington by his offensive and effusive support of rudimentary morals.
  • Money was plenty among these excursive groups, and they were welcomed in Company K with effusive outbreaks by their less restive comrades.
  • They have a warm handshake and effusive polite conversation for us; for Maria Samuelli, a distant bow.
  • He was effusive over the introduction to Gertie, showing his perfect teeth, and expressing the hope that she would not have to leave on Monday.
  • He was demonstratively tender and sympathetic toward the girl at his side, and waited on her with the effusive manner of one whose feelings must have some outlet.
  • Subsequent effusive reviews and the manner in which these critics took up the cudgels against the enemies of the manager did not, however, indicate unbiased opinion.
  • Not the least effusive demonstrations were reserved for Cavour, who joined his Sovereign a few days after the battle of Magenta.
  • Aristide's magical vision caught him wincing ever so little at Mr. Smith's effusive greeting and overdone introductions.
  • Dodo introduced her mother to the strangers; she smiled loftily at the Ashbys, but was very effusive over Mr. Fabian.
  • His successor, in this dark scheme of foreign persecution, sought with serpentine cleverness to ingratiate himself; but his effusive servility nauseated those sterling souls.
  • Hence, the effusive kissing between girls and women at their meeting and their parting, is to be regretted as a specimen, to say the least, of very bad taste on their part.

Definition of Effusive

Gushy; unrestrained, extravagant or excessive (in emotional expression). | (archaic) Pouring, spilling out freely; overflowing. | (geology, of igneous rock) Extrusive; having solidified after being poured out as molten lava.
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