Egregiously In A Sentence

Definition of Egregiously

conspicuously badly (used negatively)

How To Use Egregiously In A Sentence?

  • It is my positive belief that the worthy man expected an immediate proposal: if so, he was pretty egregiously mistaken.
  • The authorities waited to see the effect of these "vigorous measures;" but they were egregiously disappointed.
  • Since the work which was to perform such miracles has appeared, and has been found so egregiously to disappoint expectation, why do those who puffed it on trust, still continue to extol it?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Egregiously | Egregiously Sentence

  • Never had they been more egregiously deceived.
  • Is not your conduct egregiously strange?
  • And the man was an egregiously rich banker.
  • They were furious at their hopes being so egregiously disappointed.
  • It is egregiously absurd to judge all of all countries by one.

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