Eighth In A Sentence

How To Use Eighth In A Sentence?

  • In the secular school the work of the eighth grade is tending toward elimination.
  • They have a head called Eshmun, who is the god of the eighth or highest sphere.
  • The eighth she bore a shapeless lump, of the dimensions of a man, as broad as long, say some.
  • Until the end of the eighth century Ireland had been free from the Scandinavian scourge.
  • Let us, then, proceed to examine the eighth chapter of Romans, upon which he relies.
  • This, the eighth and last crusade, ended in 1272 by the return of Edward to England.
  • The historian, therefore, starts from the age of the prophets of the eighth century B.C.
  • Near Oatlands is a modernized house, in which Henry the Eighth lived in his youth.
  • These scenes took place usually at the eighth hour (1 A.M.), not to cease until dawn.
  • Nor does the celebrated passage of the eighth chapter of the same epistle touch the point in controversy.
  • Probably, in the eighth century, the roundness of the earth was matter of thought only to astronomers.
  • In a week or two, there will appear some little worms about an eighth of an inch long and covered with black hairs.
  • Something like one-third of their vast host had fallen in this most murderous of battles; from an eighth to a sixth were dead.
  • Before the war the Germans had nearly one eighth of the world's mercantile tonnage.
  • You can also copy out as much of the preface as will fill your eighth of a column, and add, that the performance is not equal to the promise.
  • The Danes and other Norsemen were the buccaneers of northwestern Europe from the eighth to the eleventh century.
  • Vergil in his eighth Eclogue, perhaps with over-generous praise, compares these plays with those of Sophocles.
  • The date of the Tara Brooch is not easy to determine, but it may probably be placed in the eighth century of our era.
  • About the beginning of the eighth decade of this century the project of introducing the electric light for general purposes of illumination began to be agitated.
  • Accordingly in the eighth century Cuthbert obtained a secret permission from the Pope to be buried in the Cathedral.
  • She had disappeared from her rooms on Eighth Street and I never heard of her again until the frightful news came out.
  • St. Virgilius of Salzburg in the eighth century taught the sphericity of the earth and the existence of the Antipodes.
  • A course given during the year in the rural schools was continued during the summer, open to all children over ten and required of graduates from the eighth grade.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eighth | Eighth Sentence

  • The eighth article was of special importance.
  • On the morning of the eighth we held a council.
  • On the morning of the eighth day no trading was done.
  • My eighth is in day, but not in morn.
  • The eighth and ninth volumes followed only in 1848.
  • My eighth is in cave, but not in den.
  • Over eighth column, lower division.
  • Over eighth column, middle division.
  • And in the eighth and last place, we want money.
  • On her eighth birthday Nov. 29th.
  • The eighth year of the reign of Lughaidh he died.
  • Eight East Eighth Street.
  • It was the eighth hour (1-3 A.M.).
  • The eighth hour (1 A.M.) was nearly ready to strike.
  • The bell of Sainenji struck the eighth hour (1 A.M.).
  • To the triad a fourth is sometimes added, to the seven an eighth Aditya.
  • From that time events moved rapidly for the Eighth Division.

Definition of Eighth

The ordinal form of the number eight. | to divide by eight | The person or thing in the eighth position.
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