Either Way In A Sentence

Definition of Either Way

Regardless of what happens (out of two possible situations).

How To Use Either Way In A Sentence?

  • But dreams he is so, either way I am free.
  • You must lose them either way, Annette.
  • As for me, I did not dare to move a step either way.
  • The Ohio group, I think, will take it either way.
  • Either way, Sony=Napster and Napster wins.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Either Way | Either Way Sentence

  • Either way she dreaded.
  • Either way it was attractive.
  • Either way is permissible.
  • Either way was fraught with danger.
  • The inferences were either way.
  • I am ready either way.
  • Either way his hour had come.
  • Either way the house wins.
  • She was charming either way.
  • To please you either way.
  • I have not the slightest information either way.
  • Not that it mattered much either way.
  • He showed no sign either way.
  • Either way may be said to be right.
  • Either way, it was too many.
  • Either way the letter will soon reach me.
  • Gunnlaug said that either way seemed good to him.
  • We have yet to establish the fact either way.
  • And nothing else will matter either way.
  • Either way it was bad, she thought.
  • Thou wouldst have had a cheap bargain of me either way.
  • We could and would help her in either way.
  • Besides, she had him cornered either way.
  • The battle might even now turn either way.
  • It must be fun, either way.
  • Either way you looked at it....
  • Swing either way, like a patent gate.
  • Two miles either way is better land ready for the plow!
  • It is not significant either way....
  • It'll do 'em good either way.
  • The not-rat moved on, not caring either way.
  • As far as proof and reason go, we can answer either way.
  • Hooked either way, a dead minnow moves like a live one.
  • But, either way, our hands must not be stained with crime.
  • For the Jew it is a case of being damned either way.

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