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  • Certain species of the elater beetles are familiar to every school-boy.

How To Use Elater In A Sentence?

  • The most remarkable among the elater beetles is the cuculio, or fire-fly, of the tropics.
  • Boys will know better what is meant by an elater beetle if they are told that it is the same thing as a skip-jack, or snapping-bug.
  • They passed, and the broadside view of this great elater was still absurdly like the profile of a miniature tonneau with the top down.

Definition of Elater

(obsolete) Elasticity; especially the expansibility of a gas. | (botany) A long, slender cell produced among spores and having hygroscopic secondary cell wall thickenings. | (botany) Any of the long, slender hygroscopic appendages attached to the spores of horsetails (genus Equisetum).
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