Eleanor In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Eleanor | Eleanor Sentence

  • Eleanor was doing nothing.
  • Eleanor was enchanted.
  • Eleanor struggled with herself.
  • Eleanor stared at him.
  • Eleanor succeeded in doing that after a while.
  • Eleanor laughed again.
  • Eleanor smiled at her.
  • Eleanor did not question that.
  • Eleanor was exhausted then.
  • Eleanor had her revenge.
  • Eleanor was now dumb.
  • Eleanor looked up at him.
  • Eleanor shall be the lady.
  • Eleanor was very little likely to do it.
  • Eleanor was utterly confounded.
  • Eleanor stood silent.
  • Eleanor felt displeased.
  • Eleanor made no answer.
  • Eleanor shook her head.
  • Eleanor could not bear it.
  • Eleanor was vexed at herself for speaking.
  • Eleanor did not dare sit down there.
  • Eleanor did not greatly care.
  • Eleanor was silent and abstracted.
  • Eleanor breathed quick.
  • Eleanor kept him at his speed.
  • Eleanor is very level-headed.
  • Eleanor wished that might be.
  • Eleanor looked again at her companion.
  • Eleanor looked at the window.
  • Eleanor bowed her head.
  • Eleanor was forced to speak.
  • Eleanor was silent a moment.
  • Eleanor seized her chance.
  • Eleanor could not look up.

How To Use Eleanor In A Sentence?

  • Eleanor felt startled.
  • Eleanor would encourage him too.
  • Eleanor was so far recovered as to be up.
  • Eleanor would not look.
  • Eleanor exclaimed in delight.
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