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  • His soldiers occupy Electorate of Hanover.
  • But his committee could not convert the electorate to this view.

How To Use Electorate In A Sentence?

  • Not otherwise will they learn to feel themselves responsible to the electorate below.
  • The total electorate amounts to some 1,300,000 people, or 47 per cent, of the whole population.
  • How it impressed the electorate we did not know, but that it impressed the electorate profoundly there can be no disputing.
  • The influence of the extension of the electorate will, in all likelihood, be against rather than in favour of economy.
  • Should a plebiscite be held by popular initiation on a constitutional amendment, a majority of the electorate must be in favour.
  • He had never "run" for any office himself, and was not nearly so well known to the mass of the electorate as many of his creatures.
  • The doubts entertained as to the capacity of the electorate are not shared by those who have been officially responsible for the conduct of elections.
  • In the record on which the electorate was to express its judgment only a minor place was taken by the issues which had seemed of such importance in 1913.
  • To warrant the coercive statute, no recourse was had to the electorate of Britain, much less to that of Ireland.
  • In taking the electorate as the basis of a proportionate redistribution of seats it is not intended to prejudge the question whether population or electorate is the better standard.
  • But the representatives of the workers when chosen out of the midst of the working electorate might still receive daily pay and defrayment of travelling expenses.
  • The electorate has been taken because the figures are available for the very year in which the election takes place, whereas the population is only enumerated once in ten years.
  • South American "republics" have their "prime ministers," and the electorate is on the European basis.
  • Our politicians ought to have read the signs of the times better; but they were too intent on feeling the pulse of the electorate at home to attend to disturbing and unwelcome symptoms abroad.

Definition of Electorate

(historical) The dominion of an Elector in the Holy Roman Empire. | The collective people of a country, state, or electoral district who are entitled to vote. | The geographic area encompassing an electoral district.
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