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  • Now that is a very large quantity of electricity, and is equal to an enormous horse power.
  • There will be no coal, but only electricity and gas, run from the central plant.
  • Electricity and magnetism, no longer shut out, rush in between the separate molecules.
  • Thus light may be changed into heat; heat into electricity and electricity into light again.
  • But in addition he was picking up some knowledge of anatomy, music, electricity, and telegraphy.
  • It is inspirable by electricity, and bears human hopes, fears, and loves in its own bosom.
  • There were telegraph stations ahead; and the Kid looked askance at electricity and steam.
  • There were telegraph stations ahead; and the Kid looked askance at electricity and steam.
  • The railway, electricity and the Postal Union have gone far to blend the nations into one.
  • We are to find out everything for ourselves, just as we have found electricity and the laws of physics.
  • He has learnt to control the power of electricity, and he takes it at his will and imprisons it in a lamp!
  • Most amazing feature of all, the place was lighted with electricity and warmed by an electric radiator.
  • Already he had written many learned essays on mathematical electricity and was accomplishing valuable research work.
  • The water in the jacket is heated by gas or electricity and maintained at some constant temperature by a thermo-regulator.
  • Then pieces of the calcium are spread out in an oven heated by electricity and a current of dry hydrogen passed through.
  • These are the days of electricity and steel, and a fitting part of the intense age in which they exist.
  • Electricity and magnetism met this fate, and mesmerism was at first thought to be a curative agent for all diseases.
  • A concise statement is given of the fundamental principles of electricity, and of the means of its artificial propagation.
  • If we rub the wax with the fur and then take it away the wax has a charge of electricity and will attract light objects.
  • Now even the phenomena of electricity and the reactions one upon another of chemical bodies are expressed in algebraical formulae.
  • Electricity and numerous labor-saving devices make household tasks easier, eliminating some altogether.
  • Thus we discovered that the smelting of copper by electricity, and of reducing it with metallic iron, would not pay.
  • It could be done painlessly by electricity, and society would be the gainer, although you lawyers would be the losers.
  • Science has recently shown a certain relationship between electricity and warmth; at any rate, their effects upon the human organism are related.
  • One sees, and hears, and lives more in a single day in this age of electricity and steam than he did in twelve months sixty years ago.
  • Would it be the wonders of steam, electricity, and science; the tyranny of the working classes, or the autocracy of servants?
  • And in the back-yard is a castle and in the castle studios and skylights, electricity and steam heat and wide, old-fashioned fireplaces.
  • This individualising principle unites, as he conceives, with the cooperating action of magnetism, electricity, and chemistry.
  • For safety, the lamp should be lighted by electricity, and the candle likewise would better be an electric one, run by a dry battery.
  • Opposite the mantel on your left, is a rather large painting, set back in the wall, but well lighted by electricity and divine science.
  • Treatment is based upon general principles; friction, warm and hot-vapor baths, electricity and similar measures are of service.
  • A working plumber who attended these classes gained prizes for chemistry and electricity, and is now secretary of the water-works at Chepstow.
  • As we have said, Franklin believed in the identity of lightning and electricity, and he waited long for an opportunity to demonstrate his theory.
  • Morse knew little of the work of other experimenters in the field of electricity and Gale was able to tell Morse what had been learned by others.

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  • Electricity and Magnetism.
  • But on that book of Electricity and Disease he scored.
  • It feeds upon electricity and it can discharge a lightning bolt.
  • The next question is only, what causes electricity and what causes vibration?
  • He shut off the electricity, and the front wheels dropped down from the wall.
  • The former we call electricity, and the latter we call heat.
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