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  • It should indicate approximately 1.15 for a storage battery electrolyte before charging.
  • The necessity for adjusting the current-density to the composition and treatment of the electrolyte is thus apparent.
  • By making the proper change in the electrolyte and anode plate objects may be plated with gold and other metals.
  • Water itself is not an electrolyte to an appreciable extent; that is, it does not form enough ions to carry a current.
  • Mix the electrolyte in a stone crock, or glass container, stirring with a glass rod, and testing from time to time with a hydrometer.
  • When a current is passed through the electrolyte silver dissolves from the anode plate and deposits on the cathode in the form of a closely adhering layer.
  • Since the ions are usually more active chemically than the molecules, most of the chemical properties of an electrolyte are due to the ions rather than to the molecules.
  • In all cases a rubber-insulated wire is attached by riveting to the copper electrode, and passes up through the electrolyte to form the positive terminal.
  • The electrolyte was used until the accumulation of iron in it was too great, but was mixed from time to time with a little water acidulated by sulphuric acid.
  • On the passage of a current in this way, the decomposition of the electrolyte is effected and the composition of the plates is so changed that one of them becomes electro-positive and the other electro-negative.
  • These double chlorides are less soluble than the chlorides and finally occupy the pores of the paper lining between the electrolyte and the zinc and greatly increase the internal resistance of the cell.
  • In some forms of dry batteries, starch or other paste is added to improve the contact of the electrolyte with the zinc and promote a more even distribution of action throughout the electrolyte.
  • In all of these the negatively charged element is of zinc, the positively charged element a mass of copper oxide, and the electrolyte a solution of caustic potash in water.
  • The porous cup is then placed in the glass jar and a sufficient quantity of the electrolyte is placed in the outer jar to come within about one and one-half inches of the top of the porous cup.
  • Graham has described experiments in this direction, using a jet of electrolyte forced (beneath the surface of the bath) through a hole in the anode upon the surface of the cathode.

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Definition of Electrolyte

(chemistry) A substance that, in solution or when molten, ionizes and conducts electricity. | (physiology) Any of the various ions (such as sodium or chloride) that regulate the electric charge on cells and the flow of water across their membranes.
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