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Definition of Electron

(physics) The subatomic particle having a negative charge and orbiting the nucleus; the flow of electrons in a conductor constitutes electricity. | (chemistry, obsolete) Alloys of magnesium and other metals, like aluminum or zinc, that were manufactured by the German company Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron.

How To Use Electron In A Sentence?

  • It was highly improbable that the guard-boat would carry an electron telescope.
  • It was highly improbable that the guard boat would carry an electron telescope.
  • Thus the electron must be looked upon as a simple electric charge devoid of matter.
  • The electron has conquered physics, and many adore the new idol rather blindly.
  • But this action consists in the modification of the situation of the other electron under consideration.
  • Namely the electron is the systematic way in which all events are modified as the expression of its ingression.
  • The charge is the quantitative character of certain events due to the ingression of the electron into nature.
  • On the other hand the ingression of every electron into nature modifies to some extent the character of every event.
  • So an electron is abstract because you cannot wipe out the whole structure of events and yet retain the electron in existence.
  • The conception which most fully expresses the character of nature is that of each event as modified by the ingression of each electron into nature.
  • A scientific object such as a definite electron is a systematic correlation of the characters of all events throughout all nature.
  • Thus the character of the stream of events which we are considering bears marks of the existence of every other electron throughout the universe.
  • There is no smaller projectile than the atom unless our belligerent chemists can find a way of using the electron stream of the cathode ray.
  • It was collapsed matter, the electron shells of the atoms collapsed upon the nuclei, the atoms in actual contact.
  • The electron telescope could detect its larger planets, especially a gas-giant fifth-orbit world of high albedo.
  • It took an electron microscope to do it, but he found a virus in the blue patches which matched the type discovered on Tralee.
  • It took an electron microscope to do it, but he found a virus in the blue patches which matched the type discovered on Tralee.
  • With shaking hand Kay pulled the little electron torch from his pocket, and its bright beam showed that the door was padlocked.
  • The situation of an electron in any small duration may be defined as that event which has the quantitative character which is the charge of the electron.
  • Finally he recorded directions on sound tape and hooked the reproducer to an electron eye so it would commence to play the moment the vessel was entered.
  • The modification of the electromagnetic field at every point of space at each instant owing to the past history of each electron is another way of stating the same fact.
  • The electron affords us the possibility of considering inertia and mass to be no longer a fundamental notion, but a consequence of the electromagnetic phenomena.
  • But in spite of all these accessory phenomena, which even sometimes conceal those first observed, the existence of the electron in the cathodic flux remains the essential characteristic.
  • These are the precise phenomena which the calculation foretells: the analysis of the modifications undergone by the light supplies, moreover, valuable information on the electron itself.
  • Instead of discontinuity, the psenium electron had been found to emit radiation steadily, and this had upset the classic theories of matter for the ninth time in the past fifteen years.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Electron | Electron Sentence

  • The electron is not merely where its charge is.
  • He swung his electron telescope on them.
  • The ABC of the electron theory of matter.
  • The instability of the electron is not yet sufficiently demonstrated.

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