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  • The elegance was marvellous.
  • The elegance is very important, and very Austrian.
  • Madame De Coulevain in all her severe elegance of black.
  • Still more surprising is the elegance and completeness of the decoration.
  • The other was almost equally distinguished by the elegance of his appearance.
  • He had never before seen even at a distance such elegance and luxury.
  • People saw a marked improvement in elegance from the time she became adviser.
  • He forgot her fashionable hat, the quiet elegance of her clothes.
  • Mrs. Wickersham might have endured the praise of the elegance of the mansion.
  • The room, like Betty herself, combined elegance and cordiality.

How To Use Elegance In A Sentence?

  • Art had exhausted itself in the elegance of the pattern and the delicacy of the workmanship.
  • He wondered if refinement and elegance meant necessarily a suppression of all these.
  • Kulluka was also dressed with elegance and with less severe simplicity than hitherto.
  • She was dressed entirely in black, but with a quiet elegance that was surprising.
  • Kate received him gladly, but was taken aback by his languid elegance of manner.
  • The chauffeur touched his cap, and enclosed them in the perfumed elegance of the limousine.
  • She glanced round her, at the tapestried elegance of the room, with sudden indifference.
  • The Englishman leaned back and smiled at her over the elegance of his long, joined finger-tips.
  • Why is it that many of us find this old-fashioned elegance of Irving and Hawthorne irritating?
  • Her elegance and stylishness suggested that she was an aristocrat, and among her own kind she must have been a duchess at the very least.
  • A secret instinct worked in them and inspired them with the desire to give some appearance of elegance to the objects which they had in daily use.
  • It was furnished with great elegance and taste, while the servants were of an even more superior character than the house itself.
  • The silver tones of my flesh are entirely lost; and see how you have caricatured the elegance of my beautiful hand.
  • Surface dust at least had been removed, and the fine old furniture gave a hint of its real elegance and polish.
  • The rooms were small but very snug, the fittings being all of cedar, which gave a look of refinement and elegance to the interior.
  • Society was simple, yet retaining an indefinable air of elegance that bore the flavor of old France.
  • Each deputation carried a banner, the beauty and elegance of which surpassed anything of the kind I had ever seen.
  • It is an unprincipled decorum; an affair of clean linen and coaches, of gloves, cards, and elegance in trifles.
  • Purity, propriety, and elegance of style will always be found among polite, well-bred, and sensible men.
  • I was shown into a handsome parlour, where the cheerful blaze of a Scotch coal fire gave light enough to show that all was elegance and comfort.
  • Should another wear one similar, you will distinguish Miss Percy by a peculiar elegance of air and motion.
  • When we joined Mr. Winthrop in the dining room we found the table laid with its usual precision and elegance for dinner.
  • Chandeliers were made in Italy, notably in Venice, that might rival in their elegance anything of the present age.
  • You will charm our breeders of horses, who will attribute to their efforts of regeneration that elegance and grace that your art alone could have given to your chargers.
  • Dinah was able to judge of the extreme poverty that lay hidden under the purely superficial elegance of this bachelor home when she found none of the necessaries of life.
  • With less diagnostic elegance we sometimes reach the same end by taking careful records of pulse and breathing and involuntary movements during an apparently harmless conversation.
  • The men who did the bribing were of the very pinnacle of social power, elegance and position, or quickly leaped to that height by reason of their wealth.
  • In 1857-1858, when this poem was written, the ideal of elegance in eastern cities of America was a "brown stone front" house.
  • The earlier Middle Ages improved not at all; but with the Renaissance there was an added elegance in the apparatus of illumination.
  • If this time is well seized, the horse will balance himself slowly, and the cadence will acquire that elevation so fit to bring out all its elegance and all its majesty.

Definition of Elegance

Grace, refinement, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners. | Restraint and grace of style. | The beauty of an idea characterized by minimalism and intuitiveness while preserving exactness and precision.
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