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  • That hospital is a vast and elegant building.
  • She was perfectly content with her elegant trifles.
  • They do not care for new and more elegant editions.
  • He was writing letters at an elegant table.
  • Both ladies had refined feelings and elegant manners.
  • With an elegant Illustrated Title-page.
  • Leicht und elegant wie eine Pariserin spricht und spielt sie!
  • An elegant sufficiency, content, Retirement, rural quiet, friendship, books.
  • And to think I hadn't quite finished her elegant new spring hat!

How To Use Elegant In A Sentence?

  • She is not such an elegant vessel as the yacht, and she is much more lumbered up.
  • At about the same time the elegant little doorway at the west end of the aisle was found.
  • It was a large, elegant house, handsomer than any they had passed on the avenue.
  • A few elegant little suppers were then given, and some masked balls during the Carnival.
  • It is not upon a large scale, and did not, perhaps, look the less elegant on that account.
  • What had I to do with them, this elegant dust, these moulds of provincial fashion?
  • Rhoda stood weeping between them, and Mrs. Palmer now appeared in an elegant morning wrapper.
  • Hanging from the ceiling, a candelabrum of gilt bronze spreads its branches twisted into elegant volutes.
  • It is a very elegant structure, and was founded by Governor Don Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera.
  • The dolphin is an elegant and swift swimmer, and capable of overtaking the swiftest of the finny tribe.
  • The iridescent lines which play along its elegant curves as he lies on deck has awakened the enthusiasm of many a writer.
  • The mode of life pursued at the villa was delightfully serene, diversified by interesting occupations and elegant leisure.
  • It was a delightful dinner-party, elegant without ostentation, and select without pretence of exclusiveness.
  • Manchester is in this respect an illustration of the whole group; the noblest and most elegant buildings sooner or later get smoke-begrimed.
  • Again, the most elegant way of vocally interpreting a poem, is to read it from a book, rather than to recite it.
  • Only on the face of the elegant gentleman standing behind her chair is painted a merry, almost roguish, smile.
  • This work was first published in an elegant octavo volume, and sold at the unusually low price of $1.50.
  • It was a beautiful baby girl, wrapped in elegant and costly cloth, and resting within a cradle overlaid in gold.
  • Patricia had a vision of a fascinating, elegant creature with sorrowful eyes and plenty of furs, and she gave a little cry of expectation.
  • An elegant chandelier hung over a central rosewood table; on this table lay abundance of music, evidently sorted with some care.
  • This boy was tall and slender, and his face, though he had an elegant head, was too formed and adult to be agreeable or very taking for me.
  • Opening into the elegant drawing-room was a not less elegant card room, appreciatively nicknamed the Inferno by the band.
  • In the parlor of an elegant resident on Main street, a beautiful girl was sitting with an open book in her hand.
  • But in the evening, lithe and elegant in his dress clothes and with his pleasant, slightly veiled voice, he always made her conquest afresh.
  • No bigger nor me fist, ye know; but all set out elegant with little weeshy-dawshy teeth, all as perfect as ye could imagine.
  • She is quite as beautiful, indeed even more so, for the portrait showed only the face, not her elegant commanding figure, and graceful movements.
  • The passers by although less elegant in appearance than in Paris, look more picturesque and appear in a much greater variety of costume.
  • The wall and pier dados, which extend from these marble slabs to the beautiful Azulejos floor, are all made in elegant mosaic.
  • This elegant personage, who stepped out of an elegant cab, and was dressed in the most elegant style, was requested to walk up to No.
  • The picture by this artist in the Rijks has for its subject a silver vase, of elegant form, and a porcelain dish filled with oranges and lemons.
  • My feet sank into the soft stair-carpets, I vacantly admired the elegant luxury around me, with an odd sensation of heartache.

Definition of Elegant

Characterised by or exhibiting elegance. | Characterised by minimalism and intuitiveness while preserving exactness and precision. | (Ireland, colloquial, archaic) Fine; doing well.
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