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  • Therefore, there is never a question as to which of the elements should be renewed.
  • The introduction of these elements gives new resources to existing proprietors.
  • By this time it was patent to the veriest tyro that the elements were preparing to break loose.
  • This race has added new elements to humanity, and has a deeper root in the world.
  • The problem, in fact, has physical and race elements that make it almost insolvable.
  • I have said that English domination usually carries the best elements of civilization.
  • In our simple spot we have those elements which may be extended into the richest and most artistic damask patterns.
  • We had to plough down at last to the passionate elements of sexual relationship and examine and decide upon them.
  • We will now consider the grouping of these various elements into a complete working organization known as a telephone.
  • Or again we may begin with the simplest elements of sense and proceed upwards to the highest being or thought.
  • But the elements of race and of culture have no essential connexion, and they perpetually incline to wrench themselves asunder.
  • On open circuit the elements are not attacked, therefore there is no waste of material while the cell is not in use.
  • In this art the elements of two general divisions of physical science are concerned, sound and electricity.
  • We have considered as elements of national greatness the race itself, the favorable position, and the material to work with.
  • We said that being was an active or passive energy, arising out of a certain power which proceeds from elements meeting with one another.
  • This series may not be taken as correct for all electrolytes, for different electrolytes alter somewhat the order of the elements in the series.
  • All the elements whose aid man calls in, will sometimes become his masters, especially those of most subtle force.
  • But other and important elements which might have been hostile two years before were now convinced of the necessity for fighting the Germans.
  • If this is attempted, care must be exercised in order to avoid getting a mere combination of elements from various styles as one ornament.
  • From this series it is easy to see why zinc and copper, and also zinc and carbon, are often chosen as elements of voltaic cells.
  • With her flag go much injustice, domineering, and cruelty; but, on the whole, the best elements of civilization.
  • Of course, there are purely American elements in the explanation which I am not competent to speak on.
  • It made it more necessary, I thought, to leaven the purely obstructive and reactionary elements that were at once manifest in the opposition.
  • The five Buddhas and the five Bodhisattwas would appear to be personifications of the principal natural elements and phenomena.
  • These are employed in diagrammatic representations of circuits and are supposed to represent the essential elements of the plugs and jacks in such a way as to be suggestive of their operation.
  • In the following list a group of elements are arranged with respect to the potentials which they assume with respect to each other with dilute sulphuric acid as the electrolyte.
  • It would have had elements in it of fear, jealousy, even of admiration, making at its best for suspicion and neutrality, and at its worst for....
  • The spirit is only spirit in so far as it is for the spirit, and in the absolute religion it is the absolute spirit which manifests no longer abstract elements of its being but itself.
  • The elements of the cord circuit are also spread out, so that the various parts occupy relative positions which they do not assume at all in practice.
  • The elements of soul-matter are differently combined in different individuals, and there are affinities and repulsions, just as there are in the chemical elements.
  • He was still shouting when a windsquall swept him into the sea; the raging elements whirled him around and around in a terrible maelstrom and sucked him down.
  • After the elements and solution are in place about one-fourth of an inch of heavy paraffin oil is poured upon the surface of the solution in order to prevent evaporation.
  • The intelligence and the sensibility are the only elements in his psychology; the states of them, which are necessitated, constitute all the phenomena of the human mind.
  • Such cells require little attention, and the addition of water now and then to replace the loss due to evaporation is about all that is required until the elements become exhausted.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Elements | Elements Sentence

  • The elements offer their service to him.
  • Then put the carbon and zinc elements in place.
  • Arithmetic, Elements of.
  • The elements of the gravity cell are electrodes of copper and zinc.
  • What are the elements of that power which the English hold over other nations?
  • The strongest elements of Mrs. Rinehart's success are found in this book.

Definition of Elements

plural of element | (plural only) Outdoor weather, such as wind or rain. | (plural only) The basic tenets of an area of knowledge.
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