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  • Objects are elements in nature which do not pass.
  • All the elements in it define themselves more sharply.
  • You have awakened dangerous elements in my being.
  • Other emotional elements in religions.
  • The conservative elements in the party were divided.
  • The homology of the shell elements in turtles.
  • Risk elements in consumer instalment financing.
  • Before particular elements in a definite statement.
  • Elements in plants, 66.
  • Then put the carbon and zinc elements in place.
  • To the chief elements in that permeation let us now turn.
  • It was rich in spheres, in elements, in cosmic forces.
  • She has elements in her which poor Mary never dreamed of.
  • There are four important elements in Spanish versification.
  • Oriental elements in Italian popular tales, 149, 352.
  • Earth: Elements; in space; Aurora; balance of forces.
  • For in spite of the vulgar elements in him there were also elements of genius.
  • The happiest of my days battling with the elements in wonderful silences.
  • There aren't many light elements in our soil.
  • They are bent on joining incompatible elements in a political synthesis.
  • No ingenuity can keep these antagonistic elements in harmony long.
  • What are the dangerous elements in boys' fights?
  • There aren't many light elements in our soil.
  • Neither hypnotism nor mesmeric control are elements in true mind-healing.
  • There are elements in it that would shock and disgust you....

How To Use Elements In In A Sentence?

  • In consequence of this separation the elements in question have not all had the same fate.
  • There is in addition a certain regularity in properties of the elements in each family.
  • The personification of the strife of the elements in stormy weather is here very apparent.
  • They have an important place as elements in the formation of intellectual and moral character.
  • Properly used they become important elements in human happiness and development.
  • Craig knows that when he stirs up the pool he arouses the worst elements in her nature.
  • From the beginning cooperation had been one of the strongest elements in western life.
  • It discards the obvious inevitable factors which are essential elements in the perception.
  • The soil is rich and composed of different elements in different parts of the country.
  • The best elements in both countries have finally realized that changes must be made.
  • Thus a sharp distinction must be drawn between the manifested and the hidden elements in man.
  • She looks as if she were suspended in air, so pure are the elements in the northland.
  • The elements in the iron are rapidly oxidized, the silicon first and then the carbon.
  • By the ancients rest from labor was regarded as one of the essential elements in the sacred day.
  • There may be elements in our present forms of unity which we may well allow to go by the board.
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