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Definition of Elephant

A mammal of the order Proboscidea, having a trunk, and two large ivory tusks jutting from the upper jaw. | (figuratively) Anything huge and ponderous. | (paper, printing) A printing-paper size measuring 30 × 22 inches.

How To Use Elephant In A Sentence?

  • Dancing wheeled like an elephant on his bronco and clattered away through the mud.
  • During an elephant hunt a number of natives set upon him and beat him brutally about the head.
  • The elephant is not particularly sagacious in the wild state, but becomes so when tamed.
  • To attempt it even with a side-saddle would have been impossible; but Elephant was barebacked.
  • We have some Russian Madeira, not much to look at, but it will knock an elephant off its legs.
  • The big elephant becomes the friend of the little rabbit and they have many strange adventures together.
  • Inquiries about the coming of the caravan, and whether the elephant had got to town, and reports that he had.
  • It is so dense that a tiger could not crawl through it; it is so impenetrable that an elephant could not force his way!
  • The elephant was now making some headway, and soon reached a clearing where his whole body could be seen.
  • Even then all was not finished, for the alarmed elephant continued trumpeting, and endeavouring to rush back to his stall.
  • For some time the fight continued with uncertain fortune; now one elephant was driven backwards, and now the other.
  • By the quantity of bois de vaches, we judged buffaloes were plentiful here, as well as elephant and rhinoceros.
  • The elephant hunters have repeatedly applied to be relieved of their authority and to be allowed to serve again under the Company.
  • The elephant then opposed him, but the remaining bundle of grass was sufficient to divert his attention, and he passed through the last door.
  • Then came land animals, monstrous in growth, by the side of which the elephant dwindles to the diminutive stature of the dormouse.
  • A short distance from where he reached the ground, he found a door, which was guarded by an elephant bound by the foot to a stake.
  • He rode in a howdah upon an elephant with scarlet trappings; behind followed the other elephant, and his staff rode around him.
  • This drive, with an elephant for the team, lasted about an hour and a half; yet the animal did not seem in the least fatigued.
  • The elephant in Borneo is a timid animal and, therefore, difficult to come up with in the thick jungle.
  • The Girl remembered reading once of a lonely woman bicyclist who met a runaway circus elephant at the turn of a country road.
  • The elephant understood what Gumda had said, and he refused to go down into the water, and would not even drink.
  • The big-bodied elephant is armed with a formidable black horn, forked at the end, which curves upward like the horn of a white rhinoceros.
  • This animal, which was named Elephant on account of its size, had been totally forgotten by the family in the hurry of departure.
  • The Crane boy was not valiant, but he reasoned that it was better to seek an unguessed fate within the elephant than to refuse immortal glory.
  • I had a glorious time among elephant rhinoceros, `camel' (giraffe), and all the big antelopes.
  • Fancy the Queen Regnant coming out on an elephant to meet us, to encourage her wavering followers!
  • It is supposed that the Asian elephant advanced far to the North during the interglacial period and perished in the recurrent glacial epoch.
  • And when the baby could run to meet him, and sit upon his great strong neck, there was no prouder elephant in all the land of India.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Elephant | Elephant Sentence

  • The elephant lodged in the barn.
  • The snout or trunk of an elephant or other animal.
  • The boy pulled, and the elephant moved his trunk.
  • Robert Hooker had a white elephant on his hands.
  • Another result was that Elephant condescended to walk.
  • The trunk and feet of the elephant were declared to be exquisite.
  • Kennedy was intrusted with the job of bringing the elephant to a halt.
  • But an elephant would have got down this as easily as a man would have done.
  • Is it the Elephant Child, or is it Mr Grish Chunder De?
  • Gumda, the widow's son, threw the raja's elephant across seven seas.
  • The guardians of the Holy Scriptures make an elephant of a gnat.
  • Why don't you say you wish you wuz a elephant and could look on?

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