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  • Frank whistled softly, elevating his brows a bit.
  • A place for elevating sons above the social rank of their fathers.
  • American equality, degrading manhood and elevating the uniform!
  • He tilted the elevating levers and the plane descended gradually and swiftly.
  • He threw over the elevating lever and the large craft soared rapidly.
  • It is bringing forward the masses, elevating the millions who work.
  • Fuller, actuating the rudder bar with his feet and elevating the ailerons.
  • That's what I find elevating in it.
  • The influence of Women in politics must be elevating and refining.

How To Use Elevating In A Sentence?

  • True art softens the harshest accents of suffering by placing superior to it some elevating idea.
  • The elevating screws are spun in their beds, the shell fuzes cut down to the very edge.
  • He tilted the elevating lever, but the plane did not answer by a sudden rush upward.
  • They often rest upon the water, elevating their long tails to keep them from getting wet.
  • I love it because of its practical influence in elevating all into the moral image of Christ.
  • Like the Bleriot it had its elevating planes at the rear, and carried its engine in the bow.
  • But they were the very small minority, and had no particularly elevating effect upon the aspect of the gathering.
  • With these thoughts elevating and cheering her mind, she sat and watched for her husband until he came.
  • And the more this sacred and elevating kind of enjoyment is tasted, the greater is the relish induced.
  • If the elevating apparatus on our plane was out of whack, the steering apparatus may have been, too.
  • And yet, far from elevating as was such patronage, its extinction menaced the most dangerous effects.
  • She was in every sense of the word a deeply religious woman, and her influence upon those around her was of the most elevating character.
  • Still further from the interests that touch the pocket, and constantly in healthy and elevating action against them, are the moral interests.
  • When an artery of the arm is cut, elevating the wounded limb above the head will tend to arrest the flow of blood.
  • The public schools alone cannot accomplish the task of elevating mankind to even the most modest ideal of a well ordered society.
  • She always saw the funny side and was not afraid to make book material of the home experiences, elevating or humiliating.
  • Now the wings and fuselage of our airplane are ready, and the rudder, the elevating surfaces and the ailerons are in course of production.
  • Taste, cultivated and enjoyed at the expense of morals, degrades and debases instead of purifying and elevating character.
  • The creations of noble minds form practical working-forces in shaping character, purifying taste and elevating standards.
  • Blocks and tackle, placed at their extremities, afforded the means of elevating the balloon, by the aid of a transverse rope.
  • She soon saw his figure standing out, clear and distinct, against the western sky, and he was elevating the glass.
  • The pace commencing with the walk, must be kept up at the same rate, while the hand is producing an elevating effect upon the neck.
  • The platforms were rather light, but the carriages were solid and well made, and the elevating screws or hitches of the guns were in good order.
  • Anyone who possessed good manners, vivacity, and wit was admitted to the salon, where a new and more elevating sociability was the aspiration.
  • The sensitiveness of the elevating rudder warned Dave that he must maintain a perfect balance until they could strike a steady path of flight.
  • In Greek life, at the period of its glory, music and the drama were esteemed elevating factors in culture.
  • The elephant, elevating its trunk, actually touched his foot, but he drew it beyond its reach, and quickly clambered up into a place of safety.
  • Whereas the old Wright biplane had an elevating plane in front of the main planes, most machines to-day have the elevating surfaces at the rear.
  • Concentrated attention draws the eyebrows together over the bridge of the nose, while furtiveness widens the space again without elevating the eyebrows.
  • No assistant is required, and the force and amount of the liquid can be exactly graduated by elevating or lowering the jar, or by turning the stopcock.
  • The Queen, seeing the impossibility of elevating English democracy, sees that she has but one other thing to do, which is to come down to it.

Definition of Elevating

present participle of elevate
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