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  • Eliminate the quadratic terms.
  • We must eliminate the mossback.
  • First eliminate the lice on the body politic.
  • The trick is to get the kernel and eliminate the shuck.
  • Only I must eliminate the Self.
  • I think that we can eliminate the possibility of their going to sea.
  • I may even seem to eliminate the supernatural element from it.

How To Use Eliminate The In A Sentence?

  • We do not eliminate the moral will but we remove some unfair obstacles from its path.
  • No scoring schedule can be expected to entirely eliminate the judgment of experts.
  • It rather tends to eliminate the less efficient and preserve the more efficient.
  • But, as it has been confirmed by long usage, it would be difficult to eliminate the phrase.
  • It is past the time to cease seeking one Infinite, ignoring, striving to eliminate the other.
  • They tried to eliminate the bugs and once in a while they thought of H. Joshua Blair.
  • Economy becomes a factor in freedom, since it helps to eliminate the drudgery and depression of toil.
  • Of course in congested areas such as ponds of fish hatcheries, it is desirable to eliminate the turtles.
  • Besides, it is thought that the discovery of new modes of stilling pain will still further eliminate the necessity for patience.
  • The blood and all secretions therefrom become so affected that a long time is required to eliminate the morbific matter from the system.
  • Work away very delicately, trying to get them to at least eliminate the child sacrifice phase of their culture.
  • This construction was a five per cent development to eliminate the heavy grades and narrow roadbed of the former road.
  • By keeping the skin moist, these bandages cause the exudation of peccant humours and eliminate the excess of caloric.
  • Thus he was able to dispense with one wire, and he suggested that some day it might be possible to eliminate the wire altogether.
  • On their appearance, his great aim is to strengthen the patient, and eliminate the morbific matters by the pores of the skin.
  • In purifying water for drinking purposes, however, it is only necessary to eliminate the latter or to render it harmless.
  • This he did, at regular intervals, all the time striving to eliminate the slightest accent that would rouse her sense of fear.
  • On the higher plane the soul is sexless, and those who wish to rise higher than the physical plane must eliminate the idea of sex.
  • This tallow clay promised good results, if they could only eliminate the few constituents, which were not present in the real soap-stone.
  • We give her a blouse and skirt, wondering why Providence doesn't eliminate the unfit.
  • The honourable luminary must eliminate the expression which he had brought out, in finite terms, and use smaller inequalities in future.
  • So was it impossible that we'd be able to eliminate the chief cause of the world's trouble by shooting accurately back across time and space?
  • The action of the present Houses, moreover, is an affirmance of their right to eliminate the false votes from the true.
  • With the Romans it seemed an equally simple and natural process, to eliminate the fact of death from the devolution of rights and obligations.
  • From these it is easy, at last, to eliminate the verdict which readers passed upon it; and that is, in the main, unfavorable.
  • One of these has been the discussions as to the freedom of the will and the very common teaching of determinism which seemed to eliminate the will as an independent faculty in life.
  • While this treatment may improve the appearance of the cheese, it does not eliminate the substances that impart to the cheese undesirable qualities.
  • Some of the outrageous margin between the farmer and consumer will be remedied by the turn in the tide itself, for it will eliminate the marking up of goods and the opportunity of vicious speculation.
  • Trying to eliminate the red out of His spectrum, instead of ennobling and glorifying it all with the Sun of the Soul.
  • Given a good kernel, and there were many of them, it became necessary to rely upon other characteristics to eliminate the less desirable of these seedlings.
  • This project will eliminate the heavy grades and dangerous curves through what has been erroneously called Cow Creek Canyon.
  • Not knowing that greater delights await him once he has penetrated beneath the surface, he has doggedly combated every effort to eliminate the irrelevant accretions.
  • We have been interested in this problem for a half century and various attempts have been made to eliminate the most serious evils connected with excessive drinking without interfering with a moderate use of alcohol.

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