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  • Hind wings elongate or tailed.
  • Yet the glass does not elongate and is brittle.
  • Bird with tail more elongate in form than usual.
  • Stenocephalous: with a narrow, elongate head.
  • Sagittate: shaped like an arrow head: elongate triangular.
  • Cuneate, Cuneiform: wedge-shaped; elongate triangular.
  • The first thing we did was to get him to elongate his signature.

How To Use Elongate In A Sentence?

  • Corium: the elongate middle section of the hemelytra which extends from base to membrane below the embolium.
  • They are elongate and very slightly smaller at one end, from four to four and a half inches long by two and a quarter or two and a half wide.
  • In this the outer decoration varies in having the elongate triangle or lance point double, and the inner in having the figure of a mule or donkey.
  • When a given specimen is about to divide, it is seen to elongate slightly, then a constriction is formed, which deepens until complete fission ensues.
  • The baculum in microtines consists of an elongate stalk, having a laterally, and to a lesser extent dorsoventrally, expanded base and an attenuate distal shaft.
  • Her small folded hands twitched and her little neck seemed to elongate above her apron; but she waited until her grandmother took up an upper crust, and was just about to lay it over a pie.
  • Adult males have distinct, convoluted, non-pigmented vasa deferentia and elongate testes, the maximal measurements of which are about 10 by 30 millimeters.

Definition of Elongate

Lengthened, extended. | Slender. | To make long or longer by pulling and stretching; to make elongated.
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