Eloquent in a sentence

Definition of Eloquent

fluently persuasive and articulate | effective in expressing meaning by speech

How to use Eloquent in a Sentence?

  • Seating himself near her, he poured into her ears words eloquent with love and tenderness.
  • He is the most brilliant and most eloquent exponent of the American point of view.
  • This work is an eloquent plea for the noble and independent pursuit of Agriculture.
  • He was as eloquent as any Bengalee, and he possessed in a high degree the art of managing men.
  • She turned towards Philippa, her expression, her whole attitude an epitome of eloquent pleading.
  • He was an eloquent pleader for the principles in which he believed, but he had no faculty whatever for projecting himself into the picture.
  • It is inspiring to hear their eloquent confessions of guilt and wrongdoing, their trembling protestations of contrition.
  • It was too dark for her to see the expression on his face, but the quiver in his voice was eloquent of hardly-restrained indignation.
  • Their cries, their tears, and their sobs, were more eloquent than the addresses of the missionaries.
  • Yves was so eloquent and earnest a preacher that he was continually receiving requests to attend other churches, which he never refused.
  • Then she relapsed into another eloquent pause of silence, while possibly in her dim way she was reflecting how history repeats itself.
  • He made no other move; but if ever a man's back was eloquent of determination, his was.
  • But those ominous sounds were eloquent of mischief done, and he was not the man to run his neck into a noose for the empty pleasure of revenge.
  • The whole plan is eloquent of the method by which the Norman ruled the conquered race and kept them in subjection.
  • Memories of their ancient inmates seem to hang gloomily about them, like the cobweb in their corners; they are eloquent of desertion and of death.
  • She then performed the same office for Charles, who stood on a chair while delivering his eloquent acknowledgment of the toast.
  • But Graelent had a most persuasive tongue, and the deep love he had conceived for the lady rendered him doubly eloquent on this occasion.
  • The clank of the chain was eloquent of what he meant, and, promising to observe his wishes, Nettle withdrew.
  • These auctions were most elaborate institutions involving brass bands, comfortable chairs, eloquent "spielers," and all the rest.
  • It was then that the impetuous essayist, Byelinsky, with his fiery and eloquent pen, taught the true meaning and objects of literature.
  • He is so eloquent and so witty, so searching and so profound that, after half an hour or so, I feel inclined to turn out all the lights.
  • They went lurching down the curving grade into the hollow, and struck the patch of sand that had worn out the vocabularies of more eloquent men than he.
  • The latter, in a long and eloquent speech, praised the liberality with which he and his colleagues had at length been relieved from astronomical disqualifications.
  • He was pale to the lips and his eyes had an expression of longing, of beseeching tenderness, that was far more sad and eloquent than tears would have been.

Short Example Sentence for Eloquent

  • It will discourse most eloquent music.
  • They are the eloquent exponents of divine truth.
  • Note the eloquent epitaph to a former rector.
  • He held her to him with a tender, eloquent pressure.
  • He grew eloquent as he told of the number of quarts daily.
  • He looked at her, his whole face eloquent with love.
  • Almost as eloquent as Themistocles.
  • I could grow eloquent on the subject, but forbear.
  • His first sermon was an eloquent discourse on Charity.
  • There was something in her voice more eloquent than the music of the words.
  • The following is an exact copy of that lucid and eloquent composition.
  • Ismail's voice was eloquent of shocked surprise.
  • The hush which followed his announcement was far more eloquent than words.
  • Thanking her with an eloquent look, he re-entered the tent along with her.
  • I imagined that the lute spoke in his bands with an eloquent Arab tongue.
  • Barras, éloquent à la tribune, était un charmant causeur de salon.

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